Thursday, August 20, 2015

Tying Up Loose Ends

This is not exactly the view from my front door, but it's not too far off. 

The babies are great. Camille is just over six pounds, and Andrew is has graduated to almost running. I've been  spending at least four hours with them each day. My aunt says I need to cut back so it won't be a total shock to Andrew when I'm gone. I skyped with Andrew before and will continue to do so, and I'll come home about once every three weeks. Aunt and babies also plan to come north to visit with us a couple of times once Camille is old enough to travel.

Matthew and I are heading north on Tuesday night. Class doesn't start until Thursday for us. Our friends are getting together on Wednesday. 

Matthew still needs to turn in his scholarly concentration proposal, which he really should have done already. I'm doing mine in clnical research. He's up in the air, but he has to make up his mind fast. He can turn it in online.

This is our lightest year of coursework excepting our scholarly concentrations and exam prep, though my scholarly concentration won't be quite so tough, as I've already completed six units undergrad that can be applied toward it. It's very rare for undergrad units to be accepted in the scholarly concentration; I got very lucky.  At the time I wondered why I was taking such ridiculously difficult courses that were technically graduate level while still an undergraduate, but it seems to have paid off in the end.

Before Thanksgiving, a group of us who grew up together are going to visit with Claire's family. Her 22nd birthday would have been on the 21st of November. We'll time our visit, which will be parts of  three days, to span her birthday. No one's sure what we plan to do, but we'd like to make it the upbeat celebration of her life that we were unable to pull off at her funeral. We're not even sure yet that it will be at her home, as Claire really loved the beach as well. 

My mom is asking Claire's parents if they're up to planning something or if they want her to come up with a couple of suggestions, which they can accept or reject. My mom doesn't teach during fall quarter except for a few private students and a few recital obligations. She taught summer quarter to make up for it. She has time to plan the event.

I'll miss the babies, but it's time for summer to end (in terms of workload; I know the calendar doesn't have it officially ending for another month) and it's time for me to go back north.  I'm ready.


  1. When I was in school, I was usually ready to go back by the fall. Of course, in grad school, I took summer classes so I could continue to pay my rent and be done in three years. I'm sure this year will be exciting and productive for you.

    I think it's nice that you and your friends are going to visit Claire's family. I wish I had friends I could do that with. Sounds like you come from a nice community.

  2. We do actually have a core group of friends that has gotten together over summers even though few of us live in our former town. I hope we don't lose touch, and I hope we don't lose anyone else.

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