Saturday, July 25, 2015

Separated at birth???

Has anyone other than I noticed  the at least slight resemblance between Brody Jenner and serial killer Cary Stayner? I'll post a link to Stayner's story below, as there are now  officially too many mass murderers for everyone to keep track of them all. I've had  more than a passing interest in the Stayner case because one of my aunts is marginally acquainted with the Stayner family and because my family  vacationed in Yosemite that year, thoroughly traumatizing me,  and because it all went down not that far from my neck of the woods at the time.

I say this at the risk of  publicly raising my personal morbidity index from marginal to fully gruesome,  but I actually believe Stayner is the better looking of the two men in this specific head-to-head comparison. This is  particularly salient when one considers that Jenner's picture is probably some sort of photo op set-up,   and more likely than not he spent ten to fifteen minutes in a cosmetician's chair  having his mug made maximally attractive,  versus Stayner's  literal mug shot, before which  Stayner, in all likelihood,  was given neither the time  nor a washcloth or a comb with which to tidy himself up prior to the photo op.

When I have a bit more time, I'll share my own saga in relation to true crime  and the killings that caused me to need a night light in order to sleep most nights to this very night.  For now, however, please simply  note the resemblance, real or imagined  on my part,   and wonder, as do I, just how it is that a man who had been living practically under a rock in order to evade law enforcement officials can emerge from beneath said rock, have his picture snapped, and come out of the photography session looking even in the ballpark of  comparability to a Jenner / Kardashian  in terms of overall handsomeness if not in actual physical facial  resemblance.

Don't worry, Mom, Dad, Uncle Steve, Uncle Scott, or Judge Alex: I have not developed a sudden affinity for and/or attraction to "bad boys." I have no intention whatsoever of hooking up (in any sense of the term) with  a gem of a pen pal from one of the state's or nation's many high-quality correctional facilities. Instead, I'm merely noting what I perceive as a rather  unlikely resemblance between an inmate currently housed in San Quentin's famous Death Row Wing and a Kardashian by association.

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