Monday, June 22, 2015

Fathers: Perhaps Human Is Better Than Perfect

This could have been you and me.

I've said more in various entries of  this blog, both good and bad,  about my dad than most fathers would ever want anyone to read about themselves. There's not a great deal more to be said here. Furthermore, I have to save something for your eulogy, which Matthew will end up delivering but I'll probably have to write. Allow me just to say that even on your worst days as a parent, you were probably a better father than any child deserved.

I'm posting  two videos. One is of a song you sang to me frequently when I requested it at bedtime. The other is a more obscure reference and more metaphorical, since you don't lead a band, and I don't spend my time in Colorado when I'm not in hotels after touring and performing. It's more about how your contribution to my DNA and your parenting led me to the career direction in which I am headed and  gave me the skills and confidence necessary to even considering embarking on such a precarious path.


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