Monday, June 22, 2015

Day Off

It seemed silly to me for my day off to be when Nanny Helen was also off (my dad suggested that possibly Nanny helen finds me less obnoxious than everyone else does), but the homeowners insisted that I leave for at least a few hours. I needed to come back because we were bbqing for Father's Day and it would have been rude of me to no-show since my own father was coming for the BBQ. 

I never know what to get my dad for Father's Day because he buys everything he wants. I learned a Scarlatti Sonata in G on violin that I don't particularly like but that he loves. He said he liked it bettter than he would have liked a new tie.

While I was on my day off, I went to visit my friend. While I was there, I recorded a song, "Taylor the Latte boy," which I had told Judge alex about.  I had no music and could barely remember the words, much less the music, so I faked it the best I could. My friedn's mom said to block any view of the house because she had been working 17-hour days and no one had bothered to clean in about three weeks, and any view of the house would look like one of those pictures from "Judge Alex" when the renters moved out of a venue and left the place trashed. I think a bit of the house was shown anyway because my friend forgot to put her thumb over the camera. she should've just focused on the piano.  It's very nice.

Anyway, I shall attempt to get the audeo to show up here. It's not the entire soing because it's too long. I use the name "Erin" when I sing it, because it scans without my having to take out verbs such as "is" and replace with "apostrophe s," so it's simpler.

I will probably never ever record myself singing again because this is the only song I can sing that doesn't make me sound like a twelve-year-old. 

If you're interedted, Kristen Chenowith or however she spells her name has the song posted on You Tube, and someone wrote a response to it that is seriously funny and much more inventive than the original.

Happy Father's Day, Judge Ales, alll the other fathers out there, all the mothers who  are fathers in addition to being mothers, all the men who, despite not being biological fagthers function as father figures in children's lives, and all the fathers who would love to be fathers but are prevented from being so by vindictive mothersin divorce wars. i already wished my own dad a happy Father's Day, so I don't have to include him here.


  1. It was my first one without my dad... But Bill and I enjoyed ourselves. Father's Day typically sucks for him.

    I am sure your Scarlatti Sonata was wonderful and you made your dad proud. That's worth a lot more than a necktie.

  2. Learning a the sonata he loves. What a fantastic gift!

  3. Who is the baby at the bottom under abc? I have blue eyes and I like blue eyes. As a toddler, I had blond hair. When I was a baby, my mother had a nickname for me. It was no-nose. She called me that since my nose was so small. The picture below reminds me of that. As a toddler, people called me Chucky.

    Also words can change meaning over time, especially slang words. So keep that in mind when you hear the following. Can you guess what my grandfather called my brother as a nick name? He called him pussyface.

    I was wondering if you did singing since your father does. Also I think it would be nice to see a video of you on the internet like you playing violin. I look forward to hearing you sing.