Monday, March 30, 2015

Nothing Profound (not that there ordinarily is): Just an Update

I'm back at my condo, as I have class in the morning, but I cannot sleep. My brother and I have gotten into the habit of driving back at night to avoid traffic on the shorter trips where we share a car. We're both somewhat night owls, and we both stay awake to ensure whoever is driving remains awake, but I started to get a bit drowsy, so I did what I very rarely do, which is to consume a five-hour energy drink. Those things work too well on me. Perhaps I should drink just half of it next time.  

I seldom use energy drinks, as I've heard they can be bad for a person's kidneys. I should ask one of my professors just how bad they are. In any event, i only consume them when not doing so would be worse for my health, as in when I'm driving or helping another driver to remain awake.

My brother drove the total distance tonight. Usually we trade off on driving, switching somewhere not too far from Paso Robles, but with my cast, driving long distances isn't comfortable. Matthew likes driving more than i do, anyway.

We have a short academic eek, as we have study day on Wednesday, then have a long weekend for Easter, as in no class on Friday or Monday. We'll leave as soon as traffic lets up a bit on Thursday evening -- maybe 7:30 or 8:00 p.m. We're not expecting traffic to be especially bad going the direction we're going on Monday, so we'll leave home at 5:00 or so. Any major traffic should have dissipate by the time we hit the usual trouble spots.

I'd like to say that courses are getting a bit more interesting, but that won't really happen until next year. We're focusing heavily on cardiovascular and pulmonary systems and diseases. These areas are fundamental to everything we do later on, and lay the cornerstones for what we'll learn later.  It gets a bit dry to study the same thing for so long, but it's critical. Practice of Medicine III is a bit more intense than it was the prior two quarters. I hope we get the same Berkeley rep actors. it's so much fun to play games with their minds.

We're expected to do lunch seminars on various  topics at least twice a week. This is a bit of a bummer, as lunch was a good time to go over notes. I have to do that at the end of class while the professor is still talking yet try not to be obvious in doing it or to miss anything important in the final things that are discussed.

This isn't my style, but i think I'll order it for my brother.

It's nice that both this week and next week are four-day weeks, not even counting having Wednesdays off to study. 
My dad tells me to enjoy it, because things were much rougher back in the day. I don't know that I totally believe him. I believe that internships and residencies were much harder before certain mandatory reforms were instituted because exhausted interns and residents were killing off patients like flies, but as far as med school goes, i suspect it's much the same as it has always been.

I wish I had something exciting to report or had the clarity of mine to write another tribute post, but that must wait until later. i'm awake but my mind isn't clear. i might end up extolling the virtues of Sirhan Sirhan or Osama bin Laden, and we cannot have that.

I think i'm finally getting sleepy. Good night! 

I won't get this for my brother because it would give him bad ideas.


  1. It occurs to me that the heart t-shirt might be useful for Utah firing squads.

  2. You're right, knotty. If the person who holds the copyright were to market it to the Utah State Correctional System, he or she might make a bundle in cash.

  3. I am also a night owl or maybe a knight owl. 7 Reasons to Be Proud of Being a Night Owl:

    Since residents are not paid by the hour, they would make them work insanely excessive hours. But in recent years they have made laws limiting this abuse. Although it still will not be like a walk in the park.