Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Play List Because I'm Wide Awake Again

classic performance by Fun

I'm wakeful again already, which is not a good sign. Today is likely to be a very long day for me even though I'm free at around 4:00. I usually study independently very late on Tuesday evenings, then go to bed and sleep late. My first study group typically starts at around 10:00. My second study group is at around 2:00. Then I study over dinner with Matthew's group at 6:00. By 10:00 I'm ready to either do what I want or go to bed. Usually it's "do what I want"  rather than "go to bed."

Today I'll probably take a quick shower and wash my hair after class. I'll shower rather than bathe because I don't want to risk a Whitney Houston fate. I'll dry my hair, eat enough to keep from losing any of the weight I've been able to put on,  and be in bed by 6:00 at the latest. 

This will probably allow me to be awake by 6:00 a.m. at the very latest even though i'm not normally an early riser, as i can only sleep for so long. I'll get in a solid three-and-a-half hours of independent study before studying with the first study group. that's not as long as I usually study independently, but for this particular Tuesday/Wednesday study block, it will have to suffice, i need sleep even more than I need studying today. Many if not most students prioritize in that order most of the time, but for me, it's an unusual occurrence. i usually study at all costs, but i recognize that I'm getting to the point that if I don't catch up on sleep, I'll get sick. Furthermore, I bought textbooks early and got a little bit ahead over break, plus sat in last quarter at about this point on a few of this section's lectures, so I have a bit of a jump-start.

Since I don't have anything particularly intelligent to share, I'll give you my current top ten play list.  it changes roughly weekly.  this is what I'm listening to this week.  I may come back and post videos later.

#1 Animals:    by Maroon 5

#2 Scales and Arpeggios: from Aristocats 
(one of the few Disney songs I actually like)

#3 Penguin's Lament: as performed by John Ondrasik (written by children's composer Sandra Boynton)

#4 Stay with Me: by Sam Smith

#5  Good Riddance: by Green Day (one of Claire's favorites)

#6 We Are Young: by  Fun (Jared's and my song; for some reason i'm thinking about jared a lot lately, probably just because he's not here; when I'm at home or anywhere else other than here, I think about "Raoul" or my former running partner)

#7 Crossroads: by Don McLean (Lesser-known classic by the king of Depressing Songs [Janice Ian is probably the Queen]).

#8 Carolina in My Mind: by James Taylor (It's another moldy oldie, yet nothing by James Taylor ever gets truly moldy. Incidentally, I hate it when people try to sound like James Taylor.  It's OK if someone imitates his guitar technique, which is most unique and recognizable, but his voice, equally unique and recognizable, is his and his alone. Only James Taylor, his brother Livingston, his son Ben, and maybe any other siblings he has actually sound like him. other people who try simply come across as a poser and as pathetic.)

#9 House at Pooh Corner: by Loggins & Messina (It never gets old to me.)

#10 Landslide: by either Stevie Nicks or Fleetwood Mack;( I can't keep straight which songs of her are solo and what's technically by the group. she has a godawful voice, but the song kills it.)

#11 Sheets of Egyptian Cotton: by Jesse Spencer from the movie Uptown Girls; (It's actually kind of a dumb song, but it's been stuck in my head lately so I've been listening to it.)

#12: You Can Call Me Al: by Paul Simon; (I actually like the video with Chevy Chase more than the song itself, but the song is good as well.)

#13 When I was Your Man: by Bruno Mars (Almost anything by Bruno Mars is good.)

#14 Hey Jude: by The Beatles (Something by the Beatles will always be on my current play list.)

#15 Mother's Little Helper: by The Rolling Stones (Even though i'm not a mother, I can sort of relate right now. I'd like a little chemical help to regulate my states of sleepiness and wakefulness at the wrong times, though I'm not going to get it in any form stronger than Tylenol PM and 5-hour energy drinks.)

The videos will be here until someone takes them down due to copyright infringement or some other pesky technicality. I'm growing drowsy may be able to get in another eighty minutes of sleep.


  1. Carolina on My Mind is one of my favorites too. Please take time to sleep and eat.

    1. Thanks, Donna. I had oatmeal and a banana and orange juice for breakfast. i'll grab something from the school vendor for lunch, and Matthew's job is to make or pick up dinner for tonight. He'll pick something up from the deli down the street because he doesn't like to cook. I'm crashing as soon as my hair is dray, which will be by 6:00 p.m. at the very latest.

  2. Mother's Little Helper... I forget about that one all of the time but it is pretty awesome. I think it's one of the ones you really need to be in the mood to listen to.

    I hope you're well. I have some situations that I need some of your sage advice on. If I have time I'll send you an email.

    1. My advice isn't exactly sage, but I'm more than happy to offer my perspective.