Monday, February 3, 2014

Post-Recital Blahs

obviously not me, if obvious only because a) my hair never looks this good on a good day, much less when Im throwing up and b) I color my hair to  a lighter shade than this, but I'm sure you get the overall idea

I'm so incredibly happy to have the recital behind me, but I'm feeling slightly yucky. It's just a digestive upset and stomach ache and I'm confident it will go away soon. I need to be on campus for an hour or so tomorrow for a choir rehearsal I'm accompanying, but I'm capable of throwing up in a trash can and going back to playing piano instantly if necessary.

We're leaving for Utah midmorning on Thursday.  We're flying on a privately chartered plane  and leaving from here, so we do not have to drive in to Los Angeles or even Burbank to catch the plane, which is very nice. Additionally, it will land at the Provo airstrip. We'll be at the condo in less time than it usually takes us just to get to our car at the Salt Lake City airport.

I don't have tons of packing to do because there's a washer in the condo, and it's not like I need to impress anyone by making a separate stunning fashion statement with each new day.

I read that the Queen is telling Kate to dress more conservatively but to wear more royal jewels. I'm just a bit skeptical, as what person who was really in the know on such matters would be giving it away to the press? Still, it serves to make me glad I don't have inlaws who are telling me how to dress.

I'm not sure what to think about the Chris Christie debacle. Usually conspiracy theories are little more than null hypotheses, but he is probably just enough of a jerk to have been involved in the whole bridge lane closure fiasco. Even if he had no prior or concurrent knowledge, he's done enough other unconscionable things that he's probably getting what he deserves,  sort of like O.J.  Then again, my gut feeling tells me he probably knew about this before January 8, or whenevery it is tht he claims to have first had knowledge.

My Twitter non-friend Karen continues to make incredibly mindless posts. She was bothered by the Super Bowl because she said it should have been held on the west coast where the participating teams' fan bases are. Does she have any idea how far in advance Super Bowl venues are decided? Probably not. She frequently tweets celebrities (usually politicians and Fox news pundits) to offer advice as though anyone ever listens to her. I really believe the woman is delusional. I understand I'm guilty of tweeting Judge Alex, but so is she. He's just one of the many public personalities she pesters on a regular basis. That's how the two of us came into contact with one another. I at least limit my public figure tweets to one person. Of course, if Richard Carpenter or Mindi Carpenter ever goes on twitter, I may have to re-think my priorities. I've decided not to say anything to Karen no matter how stupid her tweets may be. I'll just rant about her in my own cyber-playpen.


  1. I'm sure you are beyond relieved to have that source of pressure gone. A few days on the slopes will no doubt do you some good. Hopefully, you won't run into Bill's ex daughter when you are in Utah.

  2. Alexis, I think that while in Utah you should definitely dress conservatively and wear more jewels.

    Congrats on your recital!

  3. Knotty, I'll try to stay at lest a mile away from her.

    Donna, with one hand I'm polishing my tiara in preparation for my trip while I type with the other.