Wednesday, November 6, 2013

My Good Friend Klonopin

I went to class yesterday, then came back to my dorm room after my final class of the day just past noon. I decided I was tired and crawled into my bed to take a very quick nap before heading to the music building to practice. About sixteen hours later i woke up. It freaked me out a bit, as at first I was unsure of where I was, and then I was thoroughly disoriented and unsure of why I had been in bed with my clothes on. Eventually I pieced things together and recreated the sequence of events leading up to my getting in bed fully dressed or the "just a few minutes" that mysteriously turned into sixteen hours.

I have a piano lesson at 7:00 a.m. today, and it really bothered me that I had slept through my practice session, so I texted my professor, who quickly texted me back. I don't know what kind of hours he maintains on a normal day, but he texted me back immediately to say he was calling me and I should answer. I answered his call, and he told me that I shouldn't worry about not practicing because I could skip practice until the day before my recital and still be as prepared as anyone has ever been for a senior recital. He said the only reason he wants me practicing at all in the days leading up to the recital is because it would drive me crazy not to practice. He said I should come to my lesson as usual tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. because I should be very well-rested by then.

My professor texted my Aunt Joanne. Uncle Michael, her husband, called and asked me if I had any benzos on me. I answered that I had a few Klonopins. I've maintained a few Klonopins in my possesion since I've been eighteen so that if I needed them and a doctor told me to take one at an odd time, I would have it without someone having to bring one to me after hours or call in a prescription during normal business hours. I never take even one without being told to by an MD or my mom so that I will be trusted to have them on hand. I told Uncle Michael that I had Klonopin on me, and he told me to take one. He said that if it knocks me out to the point that I miss my early-morning lesson (I'm not a morning person, and 7:00 a.m. is early to me)not to worry about it. I took the Klonopin and am now finally starting to relax. I have an alarm set because I don't want to miss a lesson with my recital looming in ten days.

Now I'm a bit buzzed but not terribly sleepy because I've slept for almost sixteen consecutive hours. It's chilly, so I turned on my electric blanket, which I don't use very often, and am listening to music quietly so that I don't wake the neighbors on either side of my dorm room. They could probably sleep through Armageddon anyway, so I shouldn't be so concerned about waking them.

I'll google the Martin MacNeill trial to see if anything Earth-shattering happened yesterday while I was attending class or sleeping. I need to rsearch the logistics, but if the trial is still going strong after my recital, I may take a couple of days off from class and fly to Utah to attend a day or two of the trial. I need to know what the chances are of getting inside the courtroom before I fly there, but if it looks like a 50/50 shot for each of the two days that I'm there, I'll go. I've already spoken with the professors whose classes I will miss, and they say it's fine. I'm pretty much going through the motions, as I've finished all assignments and have thoroughly covered all text material and other reading assignments in all of my classes, and all of my professors know it.

Flying to Utah in the middle of the week just to see a trial in person is a bit extravagant, but I have lots of money in the bank from the days when I worked daily as an accompanist in addition to playing for church services, weddings, and funerals. I still have everything but what I tithed and an additional 5% that I put into a separate account for spending money. I continue to put any earnings from after I graduated in the discretionary account as well (and my parents fork over a small stipend evey month even though I don't really need it because my brother does need spending money from them and they want to be fair, and I deposit what they give me into that account) so I still have quite a bit more money than I'll go through this year in the discretionary account, so I'm in a good place, financially speaking. I have as many problems as the average person in most other areas of my life, so it's nice to have my finacial situation be problem-free.

It was my parents' rule that caused me to bank the vast majority of my earnings. I'm not a major spender anyway, so I probably would have managed to stow away a decent sum, but their insistence caused me to save a substantial amount for someone of my age who's not in the entertainment industry. Anyone my age or younger who is reading this, consider that as archaic as they may seem, sometimes parents actually know what they're talking about.

This blog is ended. Go now in peace to love and serve the Lord and to listen to your parents unless you have a really good reason for not listening to them. On an unrelated note, it is wise only to take benzos when directed by a medical professional to do so.

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  1. I took Klonopin for a short while back when I was in grad school. It didn't do anything for me. But then, I have a very efficient liver.