Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Dreaded Croup Reprise

Becca had surgery yesterday. later today, When someone gives my phone to me, I will call her stepfather to see how things are going.

I have another case of the dreaded croup. When I'm not barking like a seal, I'm asleep. Nothing worth watching is on TV. I've had a little but not much company. Later today my brother is going to record my cough so I can preserve the lovely sound for posterity. iIt seriously is an impressive sound. My uncle described it as sounding as though it comes from a three-hundred-forty-pound defensive lineman.

I don't know for sure whether it's worse to be sick when school is happening, otr to be sick during vacation.
at least during vacation I don't have to worry that I'm falling behind or missing out on some important concept that i being introduced. On the other hand, when I'm sick during vacation, I can't comfort myself with the thought that I'm missing school. C'est la vie.

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