Friday, September 21, 2012

Second Anniversary

Two years ago today, three subhuman Homo sapiens attacked me in a school restroom. They injured me, but the male among them was unable to carry out a sexual attack because of a particular physical challenge. He kicked me and injured me, as did each of the two participating females, but I was not raped. This isn't a day I celebrate, but since it occurred to me that it was an anniversary of the non-event, I decided to bring it up.

Two years later, I have, including AP units, 108 quarter credits. A very reliable source has told me that among my three attackers, none has held a job for more than four consecutive weeks, and they have accumulated, between the three of them, forty-one units, quarter or semester.

Good sometimes triumphs over evil.


  1. I can imagine that this day holds a lot of intense feelings and memories, but... I have to say that maybe it is a day to celebrate. Look at how far you've come since everything seemed to come crumbling down. It's a testament to your strength and the bright future you have, given all the hard work that you've done.
    Rape, or no rape… you went through something that was heinous and cruel. And you survived it.

    So celebrate the present and plan for the future. Roll with the tide. :)


  2. You are who you are, Alexis, they are still subhumans.