Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Headache from Hell

I've spent most of the summer in a home with at least one doctor in residence. When I've been at my actual home, for the most part either my dad and/or his brother, my Uncle Michael, have been there at night anyway. For  about two weeks, my Uncle Michael's wife, my Aunt Joanne, also an MD, was living at our house as well. When I was neither at home nor at the hospital, where I spent a little time following a car accident (not my fault, by the way), i was at the home of my PseudoRelatives.  PseudoUncle is an MD. When PseudoUncle was not at home on the nights I was there, either PseudoAunt's father, who is an MD, or her brother, brother, who is a medical school student and a P. A., was there.

Anyway, I''m fairly certain  this is the first time all summer that I've spent a night where there wasn't at least a physician's assistance in the house.  And, as luck would have it, this happens to be the night I have a killer, barfing-my-insides-out (even through my nose, which is majorly TMI, I know, but that's just how intense it is) headache. I don't like to use the "M" word, but that's what it is this time. In all probability  I  will survive this massive gong-in-the-brain episode, though not necessarily because I want to live through it.My dad's working out of town.  My mom said we can't call my dad because it's utterly pointless to wake him up when there's nothing he can do from hundreds of miles away. my mom won't let me call any of the other relatives or or pseudorelatives, either. She said if the headache is bad enough that I want to go to the ER, she'll take me there.

I understand  from where my mom is coming, and I don't really want to wake any of these people up, either, but I feel as though I'm dying. I know I'm not literally dying except in the broad sense that each of us gets roughly twenty-four hours closer to our death every day that we live, but right now that's the way it feels  to me.

My mom said she'll call one of my uncles at 7:00 a.m., so I only have about an hour and a half  before help is within reach. until then, i may as well go bang my head against a brick wall because it feels as though that's what I'm already doing.


  1. Geez. Your world is paralleling mine. I had a weird thing with my pupils yesterday. One was fixed and dilated, the other was reactive. Because of the meds I'm on, I called the pharmacy who told me to call my doctor, who told me that it was a side effect from the one patch I am on. Having eyeballs like that I ended up with "a headache from hell".

    I feel your pain, literally. Feel better.

    1. Oh. PS. I got your e-mail, and I've been attempting to reply to it for the last few days. I've been in an interesting place, generally. But, I haven't forgotten about it.

  2. Answer when you get around to it. I have just barely enough issues to have even a clue as to what you may be dealing with on a given day.

    The headache is lingering, but Scott medicated me to take the edge of it and to mostly stop the barfing. I'll live.

    Headaches are awful. Fortunately for me, I don't get them on a regular basis, but when I get them, they're intense.