Monday, December 5, 2011

Belated Birthday Party

i  had a short belated (one day late) birthday party yesterday. Even with it being short in duration, I still failed to remain awake for its entire duration. (no one complained, as though they inderstood.)Real college students attended. Most were from either the a capella group with which I'm affilliated or with related msical groups, although a few people from dorm rooms neighboring mine came as well. My parents fed the guests good food and sent them home with doggy bags. It was probably sort of like my parents were paying people to be my friends, but it was still nice, both of my parnts to host it and of someone to talk the attendees into showing up. After all, considering the location, at that very same time, there was probably at least one other party to which my guests could have gone which would have provided them not only with free food, but free booze as well. Yet they were kind enough to celebrate my birthday with me. I recognize a kind gesture when I see one. Thanks, everyone, even though you don't know my fake identity and can't read this blog.

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  1. Here's an even more belated happy birthday, Alexis!