Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Serious Question

In the grand scheme of things, whether one believes in a evolutionary origin to the world. a God-created universe, or something in between, one question has been plaguing me: why are mosquitoes needed?

I despise mosquitoes. I depise ants, but I recognize that they provide a major dietary source of formic acid for the bear population. While ants are bad, bears - in their natural habitat, far aways from me -- are good. I'll deal with the unpleasantries of ants invading my territory if their continued existence ultimately preserves the health of protected species.

To mosquitoes, on the other hand, I grant no such "live and let live" attitude. If the proliferation of mosquitoes is key to the survival of koalas or some similar charming species, please inform me of such. I'd be happy to allow mosquitoes to exist peacefully in Australia if such is the case. Otherwise, I will continue to wonder about the need for ants and to pray for their eradication.


  1. Apparently, we were wrong! They DO have a use.

    Snack food for fishes!