Sunday, November 21, 2010

Schedule Changes

I was going home this week for Thanksgiving. Now I'm not going, but my family is coming here. I'll spend the days with them while they're here for 3 days, I think, and all but one night here. One night I'll probably stay at a hotel with my parents and brother. We'll look at universities in the area during part of the daytime. My brother must be thrilled about being dragged away from home and from the new love of his life so that he can spend Thanksgiving with me.

I should tell you about my brother's latest woman. She's not nor has she ever been a cheerleader. She plays the flute and plays volleyball on our high school's varsity team. She has a GPA of 3.4, which doesn't sound very impressive, but in my high school B's are not given away just for showing up and breathing, so it's actually a better grade point average than it sounds. I don't know her all that well, but I have nothing bad to say about her. She's always seemed nice enough. I'm not exactly sure why she would choose to date my brother, but taste in men or in anything else isn't always something for which it is easy to account.

My brother and I will turn sixteen in early December, and I will go home for that milestone. I don't know what form our celebration or celebrations will take, but it will not be a joint birthday party with our peers where we play "Pin the Tail on the Donkey," eat cupcakes, and drink punch. We did that in second grade, and it was the last joint party we ever had. I won't bore you by describing it in great detail. I'll only say that it started to go downhill when one of my brother's friends put two tropical fish into the punch. Neither the punch nor the tropical fish survived.

Other birthdays haven't caused me to feel any different than I felt before the big day, so I can't imagine this birthday will be any exception in that regard. I will probably be the only sixteen-year-old in my high school without a driver's license, but some things I can't change. Each year --for that matter each day -- gets me closer to emancipation, but it's still too distant to begin counting days. For that matter, once I take off for college, I'll be emancipated for all intents and purposes. I'd like to leave in June and enroll in a summer session, but it's not likely to be allowed.

Nothing interesting has happened around here lately. My Internet friend Rebecca has been released from the hospital following her surgery and says she is feeling much better, although she is still sore. I hope to hear more from her in the upcoming days.

If anything interesting is happening where you are, please respond in the "comments" section and tell me about it. If vicarious excitement is all that is available, I'll take it.

Boa Noite!


  1. Well, that's great news about Rebecca.

    Hope you have a good Thanksgiving. As you'll know, we do not do Thanksgiving in Britain.

    Well, actually, that's not quite true. November 5th was originated as a day of thanksgiving that the King and Parliament were not blown to bits by the gunpowder plot. The Guy being burnt on the bonfire did sort of lose any thrill for me when I realised it was an effigy of Guy Fawkes, and a recreation of his being half-killed by being disembowelled and then burnt to death. Nice...

    My other story will be on my site very soon. Hope you enjoy it.

    Have a good birthday!

  2. You should use this Thanksgiving to reflect on your blessings you do not normally apreciate you little spoiled brat.

    1. I somehow missed this comment nearly six years ago. Cheers to you as well!