Friday, November 26, 2010

Questions for Becca and Matt

Becca, I'm posting this here because I'm not sure what sites you are reading now. I hope you're feeling less sore and less nauseous. I have two questions for you. Please pardon my ignorance, because I probably should already know the answer to the first one, but I don't. The second question is only a matter of trivia and curiosity. I can delete this if you'd like.
I'm editing this to say that I've tossed in a third question as well.

Anyway, my first question is as follows: Do you eat regular food at all -- just a bite of something you like -- or are you entirely restricted to formula? Can you physcially eat if you really want to even though you don't benefit nutritionally speaking, or do you become so ill after eating that it's unwise to consume any food by mouth? Do you drink water, or do you just rinse out your mouth to keep it moist?

My second question is this: What are your feelings about the Gosselin family situation? I'm asking because I watched Jon and Kate Plus Eight almost since it started, but no one around me is interested in the program or the family in the least, so I never get to discuss it. Being a PA resident, you may even have a local take on the situation. I understand that Pennsylvania is a big state, and just because you and the Gosselins reside within its boundaries, it doesn't necessarily mean you've been neighbor of theirs. Still, I am interested in your opinion.

Matt, do you have an opinion about Jon & Kate Plus 8? Do you even know who they are? Also Matt, and Becca as well if you have an opinion, what is your reaction to Princce William's announcement of his engagement? Is Ms. Middleton up to the task of joining up with the Windsors? Where do you think the wedding will take place? This s another topic I love to discuss but have no one with whom to discuss it. Even the crazy people won't converse with me on the topic.

Po' uli

P. S. Matt the story was deep. I liked it. I'll post a more specific reaction to it in your "comments" section later today.

P.P.s. Becca, do you ever post fiction? I don't, although my parents are fond of saying that half of my blog is fiction.


  1. Hi Alexis!
    I couldn't help noticing that according to your blog titles,your boobs have gone from being merely big to being massive in the last day or so. Are you noticing a sudden surge, or is your language just growing more flowery? As your primary care physician I really should be kept apprised of these things.
    I hope you and your family are having a great long weekend together. I'll see you next week when we celbrate your and your brother's birthday.
    Uncle Steve

  2. Alexis, Jon and Kate and their eight haven't made a big impression on the UK, I Googled them so now I know what I don't know about.

    I now realise that I am, as I suspected, older than your dad. All I can say in regard to your dad is: "Pesky Kids!" ;o)) I am 53, so 6 years older than he is. The same difference in age between my self and my wife, who is your dad's age, too.

    I think Kate and William will do just great.

    The wedding is planned for Westminster Cathedral, where most royal weddings take place.

    I am a bit boggled at the moment, having sat for a straight eight hours working on a new website my wife suggested I set up. Well, it was an order, rather than a suggestion. Ask your dad what happens if he ignores suggestions from your mom! It doesn't happen, does it?!

    The website is

  3. Matt, age is merely a number and a state of mind, although i do enjoy taunting my dad about his. My mom is only a year younger but I don't ever tease her about being old because she doesn't take the bait the way my dad does; she just agrees with me, so it's no fun.

    I'll check out your new website.

  4. My God, so your dad is a cradle snatcher? ;oD

    You need to bring this up with your mom!

    Actually, I think your Dad is sort of cool. He is trying hard to cope with raising a genius. That kind be easy!

    If he ever comes to Britain, remind him that the first round of drinks are on me!

    Alexis, I might have mentioned this before, but you remind me of my wife.

    She is the smartest member of her family. (That caused friction!) She has two degrees, and two doctorates. Plus an MA from Cambridge.

    She recently obtained a degree-equivalent qualification sort of by accident! She thought it was something she was doing for fun, apparently it was some new course she was doing online!

  5. kind be easy? Can't be easy. When mixed with kind of hard comes out like that!

  6. Matt,

    I think your wife is my mom's missing twin. My dad thinks I don't actually have two biological parents but was somehow cloned just from my mom. It's a bit complicated as to how that could have happened since I was a twin birth and my brother is just like my dad except mentally much slower. He's a great deal easier for both of my parents to handle; it's not hard to keep up with his train of thought since he thinks so slowly. He is at least good-looking; last year my calculus teacher was always saying, "It' a good thing you're cute, Matthew." (My brother is a Matthew, too. My parents thought it was a successful name, but even a good name can't overcome some accidents of birth.) My brother is also athletic. He's just not as cerebral as one would assume my parents' child would be.

    Your wife sounds really cool. You do, too. I'll pass along to my dad your drink offer.


  7. Matt,
    I will have to mention to both of m parents the inappropriateness of their age gap early in their relationship. This situation would have been all the more compounded by the fact that my mom is a late-bloomer as I am, which means she would have been physically a mere adolescent when my dad and she were married. This is creepy stuff when you really think of it; creepy, but not quite as creepy as the Morg's take on Jesus' conception, which is, as I understand it, that God boinked his own child (spiritually, anyway) Mary, who was probably at least a couple of years younger at the time than I am right now, to conceive Jesus. Pretty interesting stuff!


  8. Your brother has something I don't have. He really is called Matthew. Matt is my alter-ego. My given name is Martin.

    Though apparently I was almost called Matthew, but my parents decided against that, for some reason.