Sunday, January 22, 2017

This is not my friend Meredith, but is a reasonable facsimile.

My dear sweet beautiful friend Meredith has stopped by for a visit. I would love to post a picture, but she would prefer that I not do so. Instead, i'll post a picture of her Doppelganger, Duchess Catherine, formerly known as Kate Middleton. Meredith is smaller, but the resemblance is otherwise rather remarkable.

Our lives are our own to live as we see fit. Meredith had been dating a man who is older than either her father or mine is. Furthermore, he wasn't even a particularly attractive 53-year-old, not that looks are of the greatest importance in choosing a significant other. My issue with him was that he seemed to me to be immature, shiftless, not all that nice, and that he didn't appear to treat Meredith as well as she deserved to be treated.

In a move most unlike myself, I kept my mouth shut to Meredith as to how I felt about her new beau. Our other friends did as well. We treated the man cordially but didn't go overboard, as he was less than cordial to us.

In the end, Meredith did the right thing.  I will not give out details that should not be shared, but when the man acted in a way that is contrary to the way any man should treat any woman or even any friend, Meredith cut all ties with him and is not looking back.

I commend Meredith for her wisdom, and I express deep gratitude to her for traveling hundreds of miles to be with me while I'm sick.


  1. I always feel weird (creepy) if I even take an interest in someone in their 40s as I am 65. Then there's the Donald and Melanoma with about 25 years difference. I wouldn't want to leave a young widow either. Even if age is only an number there are differences and limits. Glad Meredith is okay.

  2. If he were a decent guy, I could have gotten behind the hold thing, but he didn't seem to want her to have contact with any of her friends, and he was outrightly rude to us (her friends our parents, and even her parents at the one gathering that we were all together. My mom told me to stay out of it. Mu dad invited them both to lunch. She showed but he didn't. My dad talked to her mostly bout her trust fund and the importance of protecting it and using it as it was designed to be used. She isn't supposed to have access for anything except education-related expenses, and her parents for everything (bachelor' s, and now master's) but there are ways to get round it. The guy pushed her hard to get into her trust for some seemingly shady business. She saw it for what it was and cut ties with him. She can do so much better.