Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Not the Model Patient This Time

my role model as a patient even if it's fiction

I need more pain meds. They try to give me too little because I am small and they claim they have to ensure that I'm tolerating what I've been given.  Now it is the wee hours of the morning and I'm wide awake with pain even though I i've slept minimally in the day. i'm not trying to be a compete junkie, but i know me rights (because there is a patients' rights chart posted on the inside of every room, not i'm militant and have my rights as connected to drugs committed to memory). if things do not change around here VERY soon i will soon go on the records as being a very difficult patient. there is a man next door who is VERY loud and complaining about anything and everything. maybe they're withholding his med as well.  

i've called my dad, who told me to shut up and go to sleep. i've also called my doctor, who is coming, and Kal Penn, who is on his way as well. if nothing else, I will use devices I have to make my music very loud. i have anne murray of all people blasting at the moment. I'll get their attention, though I will probably get my devices taken away from me. I don't think they'll evict me from the hospital because they are already on shaky ground (I think we just had a small earthquake, BTW; we're doe for The big one any time, but I don't think that one was it) in terms of medical malpractice where I am concerned.

My surgeon says I've been watching too many House, MD reruns.

Merry January 25 to all, and to all except for those who are admitted to this hospital, a good night.


  1. I am sad that "Now it is the wee hours of the morning and I'm wide awake with pain" but I like this post. Here is a 3 minute movie clip where a guy wants a girl to forgive him so he gives her a guitar.

  2. Here is a 5 minute scene from that same movie where the guy sings and the marching band plays.

  3. You need an advocate as self-advocation only goes so far. You might have to become one of "those" patients.
    If you want a laugh here is one of my favorite "House" clips: