Thursday, August 4, 2016

A Proposition

I'm not in any position to take on this project at the moment, but I have a very strong desire to get totally wasted and to commit some act of vandalism that is essentially harmless, or at least something that will be inexpensive to repair or clean up and won't cause a lot of hurt feelings. I would like the act of vandalism to be mildly clever or at least somewhat original. There's plenty of time to plan the details, as it may be a hell of a long time before I have any significant vacation time, and I'd really like for this activity to take place somewhere like rural Ohio or Indiana.

Let me know if you're in.

This one I like, but it's already been done.


  1. In a movie some kids took a guy's food cart that sells hot dogs and put at top of subway steps so he would have to grab it. But it slipped & went down steps & killed someone. They went to Juvenile jail & were raped by older boys. It is fictional though. I am not here to kill your fun. I am here to show you another way. Your brother may walk into walls when he falls in love, but do you have any idea how good it feels to be in love?

    True story! A block from me a 15 year old girl is crossing street after getting off bus at night. She lives up the block. She is hit by a woman driving & flies 30 feet. Newspaper said she was dead before she hit ground. The woman who hit her and ran did not have license since she lost it driving drunk. Because of public outcry she lost restaurant she owned & went to jail.

    There is a huge amount of treasure inside of you in the form of perfect peace, endless love & joy unparalleled. You are alive to discover it & learn that while your body dies, that love does not & that is you. Then you live happily forever after! Then all of the pain in your life is well worth it.

  2. You can do a funny & ingenious prank without getting wasted!

  3. This is unrelated, but I think you might enjoy this post. I bet one of your parents heard this when they were a bit younger.

    I think the prank with the painted cows is sick in an awesome way.

    1. I would have a problem if they were live cows, but since they're cement (or concrete; there's a subtle difference between the two, as one refers to the liquid form as it's mixed and poured, while the other refers to the substance in its hardened state; I must research it before someone else does and includes multiple links ad nauseum), I'm cool with it. How expensive or time-consuming could it possibly be to re-paint cement dairy cows white?