Sunday, August 9, 2015

Trump for President? Seriously?

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Donald Trump has proven skill at taking LOT of money and turning it into more money.  What has he otherwise? He has nonexistent socials skills.  He has questionable moral values. He has low regard for women.

If enough people in the right distributions vote for him to be the republican candidate for the Office of the President of the United States, it bodes well for the democratic candidate for the same office. If I'm wrong in my summation of the situation and enough people in the necessary distributions (why do we still have the Electoral College, anyway?) vote for him in order to place him in the office of President of the United States, our only hope is that the person who holds the office has limited power.

But why is this discussion even taking place? The man lacks overall ability to be the leader of a scout troop. Why is the man receiving natinoal publicity in this arena?  He's depriving legitimate contenders of attention and consideration. All things considered,bring on Mitt Romney. I never thought I would say or write such a thing even under the influence of powerful psychotropic drugs.


  1. Crazy, isn't it? I remember hearing about him before you were born and I was your age. Seems like yesterday.

  2. they need to check him thoroughly for hidden 666's. i'm not even fundie.

  3. I tend to lean more to the right in my political views. Although, I'm not conservative enough to please my family, I doubt that I could ever commit to being a Democrat based on my upbringing. That being said, I find the whole Trump campaign absolutely ridiculous. Just when you think the GOP cannot possibly get any worse, Donald Trump shows up and becomes the ring leader of this traveling circus of insanity. I just want to bury my head in the sand ...

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