Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Mentally insert the most obscene words you can conjure here.

an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth

I just lost a complete blog to the ether. I saved  a million times, including after the final edit, just before adding photos.   I am easily angry enough to throw my $&(!! laptop through the living room plate glass window. The only thing keeping me from doing so is that my dad has already said that if I do that, he will take my violin out of its case and throw it through the window right after my computer. Such is the height of stupidity. How do two wrongs make a right?. How would ruining an exquisite musical instrument compensate for the very justified action of propelling the piece of junk that has caused me so much heartache and so many headaches through a very easily replaceable window?

I need a Mac in the worst way, but my mom says I can't buy it until September 1 for some arbitrary reason to which only she and God are privy. Perhaps it came to her in a vision.  Maybe either the Angel Moroni or the Blessed Virgin personally visited her and said, "Don't let Alexis buy her Mac until September 1." Or perhaps  the message appeared in an image in her whole wheat toast, which she has for breakfast most mornings. Either way, there's no reasoning with a person devoid of logic.

I am highly tempted to tamper with her laptop.  I'm not particularly techno-savvy, but I could do some damage if I gave it a bit of effort. I'm not sure what I would delete or what virus I would introduce to her system, but my attack would be vicious.

I wonder what she would do if  I took money from my savings account and bought the Mac on my own without her permission. Would she throw me out of the house? Would she refuse to ket me live in the condo she and my dad purchased for my brother and me to use for med school?  I'm not sure it's worth the risk to find out, but I'm sorely tempted.  I could take the attitude that she might not even find out, but she would. She's a personal friend of the owner of the Mac store here, so if I bought it here, the knowledge would be hers within a matter of hours. If I bought it elsewhere, the Mac store owner here would have ways of finding out, and, out of sheer spite, would share the information. I'm screwed either way. I could have someone else make the purchase, but that could feasibly end up in one of those ownership disputes that are seen on "Judge Alex" and the lesser court shows on a regular basis.  I'm not all that eager to pay for a Mac, only to have it belong to someone else.

My mother needs to consider this: is it really worth having one's daughter check into the psych ward over a stupid malfunctioning computer?

My father needs to consider that if he throws my violin through a window, at least one of his guitars is going out with it.


  1. OMG how frustrating it is to lose a blog post!! Cyber hugs.

  2. Hang in there. September will be here before you know it and you will have your Mac. And I will have a house to live in.

  3. I don't understand the why in September 1ST? Any particular reason?
    I think you should have it now so you can get familiar with it before school begins and then you will lose serious stuff cause if this is the first time with Mac believe me you will need time to figure out things. I don't own one but two of my boys do ; the one who lives with me and I consider him a computer guru had to call the other brother for help.
    I pretended I didn't notice and left his room with no comments.since I always ask him for his help, if you know what I mean.

    1. Mrs. Catherine, my mother is difficult to comprehend. She becomes fixated on something and nothing can change her mind.