Thursday, June 26, 2014

I',m  testing another picture and heading at twitter. Please check it out if you get the opportunity.



  1. That's my favourite. I'm not on twitter to see but I love it.Hope you've been having a good summer break.
    I'm recovering from surgery pro tem. The perils of growing old.
    I heard from RFM that Knotty is moving to Germany. The Lt Col has a job lined up there.she's looking forward to it.

  2. That's great about the the Germany gig for the knotties.

    I don't always understand Aussie terms, although in this case it's the application of a latin term. I under5stand "pro tem' as being somewhat temproary, so what is "surgery pro term"? is it a clerkship or rotation of sorts? is it general or general/thoracic (minus the cardiac component) of surgery or something more specific?

  3. "Pro tem," not "pro term." i'm typing with petrolatum/mineral oil ointment in my eyes, but despite being a pianist, I'm not terribly tactile/kinesthetic. I'm sure there are other typos as well but I shall not depress myself by searching for them.

  4. The "pro tem" is simply as the Latin. At the moment ,I am recovering from surgery.As in I have undergone the surgery and am in the recovery phase.Not sleeping-hence typing this at 0315AM. I'm sure you can relate to the insomnia!

  5. My goodness, you're not well! I hope you recover quickly! I had a freaking sigmoidoscopy yesterday to check on the recovery of colitis, and they told me I'd have sedation. Sedation, hell! I would have sedated myself more effectively with a single teaspoon of over-the-counter cough syrup. I seriously thought they were trying to KILL me.

    On a sincere note, I hope you're recovering speedily.

  6. Thanks.I had arthroscopic surgery to my good knee. My bad knee from teenage injuries is showing the signs of anno domini if we're going to go all Latin.My orthopaedic surgeon said it was on par with a footballer's injury.

    My sympathies for the sigmoidoscopy! 24 hours of unpleasantness before and during.Or didn't you have to do a full bowel prep?

  7. I had the full treatment, all right. I refuse to believe that Barack Obama is faced with the same indignities in terms of colonoscopy / sigmoidoscopy prep. There has to be an easaier way. Why not take oe pill every twenty minutes with the electrolytes and laxative properties, followed by one-half liter of water? Then repeat the procedure every twenty minutes until the required number of pills and amount of fluid were consumed. It would accomplish the exact same thing, except the patient wouldn't be drinking the mot godawful-tasting substance known to man. I'd honestly just as soon consume the contents of a toilet bowl.

    The gastro men are worried people wouldn't really drink ALL the water with the pills, but there's no guarantee that they're drinking that fluid of Satan garbage , either. I barfed up part of my and my dad had to go to the hospital to get more and give me Ondansetron so I wouldn't barf any more of it.

    That doctor and I used to be on friendly terms. I think it's over. I hollered out, 'You're killing me, Egan!" one time too many when he had nurses press on my abdomen as he did his thing with the probe., I suspect.. Alas,, not all friendly relationships are meant to be forever.

    Good luck with the post mortem knee. I never played contact sports, but even as a hurdler I had a compound tib-fib fracture (along with a broken clavicle) when some idiot tripped over her own hurdle, sent it into my lane, and then fell on top of it AND me. I'm fine now three surgeries later but the scar is still there.

  8. Ugh, Alexis, that sounds dreadful!