Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Clarification of Sorts

the candy shop where I spent WAY too much money
One of my friends -- the one who is technically my "date" on this trip -- read my most recent post and said it hinted of planned debauchery, and he was concerned about my parents reading it and thinking dishonorably of him. He asked that I addend my previous post so that he would not face a lynch mob upon our return home.
evidence that what I'm doing in my hotel room is G-rated
I have my own hotel room.  It adjoins the hotel room in which the other two girls are staying. My hotel room has been rented for the purpose of sleeping. I assume those in the adjoining room are operating on the same philosophy, as to conjugate without privacy would be more than a little  awkward. The males have a similar set-up.

It would be theoretically possible to coordinate things so that one male would be in the males' hotel room doing the wild thing, while the other was in the female hotel room doing the same.  That would leave the other two of us to boink in either of our rooms that have connecting doors with the other rooms.

This would, however, involve hearing each other and knowing we ourselves  might be heard as we did the hokey pokey, so to speak.  Furthermore, is there anything grosser than hearing either one's brother or one's immediate ex drilling his girlfriend's cervix? I'll answer for you. No, there is not.

So while I cannot speak definitively for every member of our party, I personally plan to hold on to my status as one of the twenty or so remaining virgins on the southern portion of California's central coast.

I'm sure this is far more than you ever wanted to know about my sex life, but just in case my dad reads my blog . . .



  1. I'm pretty sure I want to try it at least once in my life, but it can wait for another week, or ,more realistically, at least another year or two or three.