Saturday, May 3, 2014

Pale Flamingo Eye

not Alexis' actual eye, but close to the "pale flamingo" shade of eye I'm now sporting

The pink eye is clearing up, though not so quickly as I or anyone treating the condition would have liked. I'm not yet welcome in the public schools around here, so substitute teaching has been a non-issue, although the more I do it, the more convinced I am that teaching is a calling to which I have not been called.

I looked at a color chart on some random website. My eye condition would most correctly be classified as "pale flamingo eye" as opposed to the more classic "pink eye." My pseudo- uncle thinks I should see an ophthalmologist (another pseudo-uncle) because the infection and inflammation should have cleared  by now. Since pseudo-uncle #2 the ophthalmologist won't charge anything except in the form of babysitting once the eye has cleared up and I'm no longer contagious, my dad thinks it's a great idea to seek a second opinion. If I  ever were  in need of  some serious cardiac procedure and we didn't have a cardiologist in the real or adopted family, I would be sorely out of luck unless insurance paid 100% of the fees.

I'm seriously considering retiring from the teaching profession. I know that seven days is a rather short career, but I've had just about enough offers of being fixed up for dates with students' fourteen-year-old brothers to last a lifetime. I have a standing offer to work in a lab for anywhere between two and five days per week, and the compensation beats that of substitute teaching by about 100%. I think I'll work two days a week and be a lazy slug for the remaining five. September will roll around soon enough, and the days of my being a lazy slug will seem like a distant dream.

Belated Happy May Day.

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  1. I think lab work is a better option for you...