Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Going Down in History for Crimes

First and foremost, let me say that I do not wish to give any sort of official title to the mayhem that occurred over the weekend in Isla Vista.  In my title I referred to the incident as such because it was a massacre of sorts, and it did occur in Isla Vista.  Doing so, in my opinion, glorifies the action, and perhaps gives future sociopaths delusions of grandeur in terms of  what their own planned anti-social acts may  one day be called, and as to just how they might go down in history.   I recall a long time ago  --  or long ago  in relation to my relatively short life span, anyway  --  some rather wise news personality suggesting that none of these worse than  infamous murderers (at the time it was the "Beltway Snipers" of whom the press was writing)  be given any sort of moniker by which they would be referred. he suggested, if I remember correctly, that instead we should call them simply, "Piece of Shit Number One," "Piece of Shit Number two," etc.   it would nice to see the press unite rather than compete if just in this one area.  Do we really need the Night Stalker, the Zodiac killer, The Milwaukee Cannibal, Son of Sam, the Unabomber, or any of the rest of these creatures? Or, for that matter,does the world need  Nancy Grace's cutesy nicknames (AKA "Tot Mom" ) that she uses and thinks will catch on among other segments of the press, but usually do not?

When we apply sobriquets, handles, or bynames  of any sort either to those unknown deviates for whom law enforcement is seeking to identify, or to those who have already been charged or convicted,  are we doing anything but lionizing, aggrandizing, or even simply adding publicity to the characters of those who have committed heinous acts? Why must we do this for such depraved individuals? In many cases, they will go down in history despite our best efforts, but must we make it all the  easier for them to do so by supplying them with  clever handles by which they will be forever known?  Furthermore, are we aiding, abetting, or motivating them in the planning and commission of their crimes by helping them to imagining just what sort of a nom de guerre the press will envision on their behalves, thus boosting them into immortality?

I have additional opinions on the subject (since when do I lack opinions on any given topic?), including the supposed Asperger connection, into which I wish to delve at a point in the near future.  For the present, however, I shall focus on today's topic. The person who committed these unspeakable acts does not even have a first, middle, or surname to me any longer. He exists in my memory as Piece of Shit (garbage if you're less crude than I) Number One.

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