Friday, July 5, 2013

Report from Uncle Scott

Alexis went in for surgery following an ultrasound and an abdominal X-ray, which confirmed that a somewhat unusual adhesion - between the site of her ruptured appendix and her right fallopian tube - had formed. Because of the delicate nature of the fallopian tube and the desire to cause as little damage to it as possible, the surgery was done with a full laparotomy as opposed to a laparoscopy, which had been anticipated.  The outcome was well worth any additional hospitalization and inconvenience to Alexis, however, as the Fallopian tube came out of the procedure intact.  She had an excellent surgeon, my big brother, who demonstrated why he's the surgeon of choice in such cases.

She should remain in the hospital until maybe Wednesday of next week, at which time she'll be released but will be allowed very little physical activity other than walking short distances for at least four weeks. She is very sad to report that she will have to discontinue her internship at the lab of which she was so fond, and that the producers of university production of "Grease" will be forced to find another rehearsal accompanist. She will be allowed to start practicing her violin again for very short intervals in no more than three weeks.

Adhesions are far from uncommon after ruptured appendices, but the organ to which the wound chose to attach itself, the fallopian tube, is not a common occurrence. It was caught early, most likely because her level of physical activity and body contortion in gymnastics, diving, and hurdling caused the pain to appear at an earlier point than it would otherwise have been noticed. Physical activity is a good thing! She's probably been experiencing  pain for quite a bit longer than she let anyone know, but still it was caught early, and I think we all understand  her lack of desire to complain about every ache and pain.

In her currently strung out state - she's feeling little pain thanks to modern painkillers - she says hello to friends everywhere and particularly, she says, to the roughly four people who read her blog occasionally.


  1. Best wishes for a speedy recovery and thank you for keeping us updated.

  2. Hahaha!! I'm fairly certain there's more than four of us! But I love she's still making me laugh. Thank you for letting us know, I'm sending healing thoughts her way.

  3. Thanks for the update! I hope Alexis is soon on the mend. She's my favorite blog reader and commenter!

    Get well soon!

  4. Get well, soon, my little blogger friend.

  5. Rachel, I'm home and growing stronger by the minute. Thanks for caring.