Sunday, July 28, 2013

Other than nothing, what's new?

When yu're sick, it doesn't get muh better than this. The same is true even when you're not sick as far as my brother is concerned.

Life is a bit dull at the moment here in Dodge City by-the-Sea. I'm almost but not quite back to eating regular food. Have you ever noticed how much better saltine crackers taste when they're in packages of two wrapped in cellophane, as you get them in restaurants  or when you order chili at Wendy's, as opposed to in the boxed packages in wax paper in  tall stacks? I assume freshness is the issue and not the inherent superiority of the crackers Wendy's and most restaurants use.

Two nights ago when I couldn't keep down anything we had in the house, my mom called Denny's and placed a take-out order for 7-up or Sprite (I can't tell the difference) and saltine crackers. It was probably one of the stranger take-out orders Denny's had received lately, but they came through with flying colors. My brother was embarrassed to go to Denny's to pick them up, but my mother told them the order was already placed and he HAD to go.

Anyway, I'm not sure anything has ever tasted so good to me in my life as those crackers from Denny's, and I was able to keep the lemon-lime soda down.  I'd still be eating the crackers except that my brother, too,  discovered that they tasted good.  Once Matthew decides he likes something, it doesn't last for long.

Does anyone know if there's a place where you can buy crackers that are cellophane-wrapped in pairs as opposed to buying the boxes with the tall stacks? I'd be willing to pay the big bucks. There's  limit to how many times Denny's will fall for the "someone in the house is sick"  line, even though it was true this time.


  1. In Maine they have something like that, they're called oyster crackers. They bring them out with chowder. You can buy them in the individual packages like the saltine crackers.

    The best thing for me when I'm sick is a couple bags of saline. That at least works for a few hours.

    Hope you're doing better now :)

  2. I'm reasonably well, and my surgeon let me play my violin yesterday. I can play an hour a day for a week, and then unlimited. my recital date isn't until early February, but it's not as much time as it seems like.

    My piano professor asked me to move my piano recital from November to September. Someone else set a ridiculously early date for September and now isn't going to be ready. That's really not my problem, but I won't say no just out of spite. i think I can realistically be ready, although I have to accompany for a cello recital the very next Saturday. (I jump at the chance to do a cello recital if the cellist is good because it's such a beautiful sound. We have a french horn recital coming up that I'm taking for the same reason. If i have to do three recitals, I may as well do the best ones.

    My mom is not going to accompany for my recital because it might look like a conflict of interst because she's a faculty member, and also, she wants to watch from the audience. I really want Scott anyway. Unless there's an emergency with jillian and even then he'd feel obligated to show up) he can have the time off. I think I'll have my mom's best friend Kristeen and my Uncle Michael as backups.(In a really worst-case scenario, my mom could do it despite any appearane of conflict of interest, but it wouldn't be anyone's first choice, and my professor is not crazy about the idea.) Kristeen's probably as good an accompanist as my mom and Scott are, anyway; she just can't sightread as well. My Uncle Michael would have to practice as well. They both say they're willing to learn the music as backups.

    If she knows the music well, Kristeen is, even though she's a little less skilled and doesn't sigtread as well, as as good an accompanist as either Scott or my mom if not better. A page can fall, the soloist can lose his or her place, or whatever, and she can cover it so well that no one except the professors know anything went wrong, and you can afford to have one small thing go wrong and still pass. (Of course they wouldn't hold it against the soloist if the accompanist's page fell.)

    Anyway, I want Scott, and he'll accompany me unless theres crisis, and she only has about two a year that are so serious he shouldn't leave.

    Regarding the change of my piano recital, it would give me more time to focus on violin, but it would give me two months less time than I thought I had to prepare for my piano recital. I feel sort of like my professor is throwing me under the bus. Her prize student isn't ready, so she's willing to sacrifice me. She says I could do the recital tomorrow and be fine, but I don't think that is the truth. She's sacrificing me.

    I'd ask to be transferred from her as my professor, but in this final semseter of piano ofr me, she has no say in my grade if she's my professor, as one's personal professor cannot be on one's adjudicating committee, so there's nothing she can do to lower my grade. She's powerless as my professor. my adjudicating committee has already been selected as well, so she can't mess with that.

    I'll give my answer next week, but I don't think I should take one for the team this time. I'm not the one who was so over-confident that I thought I would be ready in early September for a piano recital. This really isn'y my issue, and I believe I should say no. My mom agrees with me.

  3. Not the same brand but here you go:

  4. I'm not picky about brands. It looks great to me. Thanks, Linda!

  5. How much did Denny's charge for the crackers?

  6. They didn't. They threw in the crackers with the cost of the soda. my mom gave bro enough to tip generously.