Friday, August 3, 2012

Should Casey Anthony be on Dancing with the Stars?

I've never made a secret of my distaste for Dancing with the Stars, nor have I pretended to like Casey Anthony.  What is perhaps unthinkable to others makes perfect sense to me. Why not combine two of my least favorite people/TV programs? Yes, you read correctly.  Casey Anthony should be featured on Dancing with the Stars.

I can already hear the arguments against my proposition. the first one will probably be Casey Anthony  isn't a great dancer. That may very well be true, but chances are that she isn't noticeably worse than Kate Gosselin or Bristol Palin. Argument #2, unless it's presented as the first argument, will be that Casey Anthony isn't a star, which is the absolute truth. Then again, such logic didn't stop the network from inviting either Kate Gosselin or Bristol Palin to participate. Argument #3 -- that the American public doesn't like Casey Anthony: I once again invoke my Kate Gosselin/Bristol Palin defense.

The only drawback to inviting Casey Anthony to participate in DWTS is that the show will need to jump the shark in a big way to keep Casey Anthony from being voted or judged off right away, because she can't impact the rating if she's kicked off after the very first dance.

Just think about it. It's not quite as stupid as it sounds.

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