Monday, November 14, 2011

Relativity of Luck/ Hospitals

I'm lucky in some ways. I'm not lucky because my leg was mangled in a track and field accident. I'm not lucky because I was assaulted. I'm not lucky because my appendix ruptured when a half-wit could've diagnosed appendicitis before it ruptured. I'm not even lucky because I have mono. Mono sucks.

I'm lucky because I'm not in a hospital. People with mono aren't typically admitted to hospitals, although I'm closer to hospital incarceration than most of my fellow mono sufferers because of an enlarged spleen, still, I'm not yet locked up in a hospital bed. Instead, I'm in my own comfortable room. It has a pink, white, and black color scheme. It has room for my baby grand piano. It has a flatscreen TV. It has a bed at least one hundred times more comfortable than the most comfortable hospital bed. It has awesome vertical blinds that can allow the room to be filled with sunlight or can be a virtual cave. I have multiple matching sheets, comforters, and rugs. The bathroom matches the color scheme of the room, and has towels actually thick enough to dry me after a shower, as opposed to my parents' cast-off towels to which I used to be relegated to using, which wouldn't have adequately dried someone standing outside during a drought.

My point here is not to boast of the generosity of my Godparents in creating my room. My point is that people with illnesses would recuperate faster and more cheaply if they checked into four-star hotels and hired registered nurses to care for them while there. Hospitals don't really make people well. Patients recover in spite of hospitals, not because of them.


  1. I do agree with you in alot of cases. Wouldn't it be nice if we could all afford to treat ourselves that way?

  2. I agree with that, wholly. Once the patient is able to recognize their less than comfortable conditions, discharge papers should be printed.

  3. Insurance would obviously never agree to foot the bill for such a treatment plan, but i suspect the cost would be less than that for a standard hospital stay. Of course few of us, myself included, can pay for it from our own funds.

  4. I had one of the best vegetable curries I have ever had when I was in hospital in Birmingham. Good sized Indian sub-continent population there, so good food is available even in NHS hospitals!