Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Kissing Disease

Yes, I have it. Mononucleosis. The dreaded kissing disease. I haven't kissed anyone since early June, and the incubation period is far shorter than four months. I have no clue as to how I could have contracted this ailment. I don't even drink from drinking fountains.

I came down with a fever on Tuesday. I went to school anyway because that's what I do. On Wednesday I was able to get out the door and on my way  school without anyone noticing. By Thursday, the symptoms were so obvious  that even my parents couldn't miss them. One exam and a blood test later, and I've been branded practically a slut.

I had to take Thursday and Friday off. This week I probab;ly won't be allowed out of the house, either. Fortunately I'm way ahead in my classes. Nevertheless, my mom will attend my classes and take notes for me. Even though it somewhat embarrasses me, I don't want to seem ungrateful. It's a very nice thing she's doing, and few mothers would go to such lengths for their kids. (Can you hear the propeller or the purr of the helicopter motor from where you are?)  I'm desperately needed to babysit two little kids whose mom just had surgery, but I'm not allowed anywhere near them just in case I might drool on them or something like that.

After a week of virtual quarantine, which at least will happen in  room that's the one-bedroom equivalent to a five-star hotel, my dad and my doctor will re-evaluate. I have a dorm room on campus. I can probably go to class, then go to my dorm to rest between classes. My dad may even ask the enablement office or whatever office it is that caters to those with disabilities to transport me to and from class by wheelchair. Won't that be cute? I'm not already enough of a freak because I look like I'm in middle school; I can now be a freaky looking middle school student in a wheelchair at my university. Send in the clowns.

This, I've been assured, is temporary. The plan is for me to meet up with my love interest over Christma break. i probably can't kiss him now. Maybe he'll just think I'm playing hard to get.

In the meantime, my throat hurts, my neck is sore,  my head hurts, my midsection hurts, and I feel like sh--.


  1. oh dear :((( feel better soon!! <3
    take it easy!!

    Read any good books lately??

  2. Ugh!! From what I've heard of Mono it sounds terrible. :( Feel better soon!!

  3. Oh, yes. Been there, done that! But I didn't catch it from kissing, either!

    It's not nice. Chicken soup, antivirals and such like things can help, but it takes time.

  4. Mono can take a lot more out of you than you expect. I've heard that really resting at the beginning can shorten the length of the attack. This can be a true case of "haste makes waste." Stop and rest well now so you won't have to rest as long later.