Friday, September 9, 2011

Feeling Not Great Tonight/ Insane Medical Theories

My stomach hurts, my throat hurts, I have a bad cough, and my body manages to be uncomfortable in any body part I think about. A very special throbbing sensation ia reserved for the frontal lobe portion of my head. It feels as though I either just underwent a lobotomy or I need one because scraping out half of the frontal lobe of my brain might make it stop throbbing so unmercifully. If the late Dr. Walter Freeman walked into here with his lobotomy tools, I'd probably volunteer to be his next candidate, just on the outside chance that it would eliminate, or at least reduce the throbbing. Then again, if I couldn't feel my head throubbing, it might cause my stomach to hurt worse. (My dad says that's the reason so many severe lower leg fractures frequently involve the tibia and the fibula. My dad says it's Mother Nature's way of making them both hurt so much that they cancel out each other's pain, leaving the patient feeling at least somewhat comfortable. I have never heard such bullshit in all my life. My dad has all sorts of great theories about things that have never happened to him. More likely, doctors making such stupid statements are Mother Nature's way of sorting the competent ones from those who ate one too many poppy seed on their muffins. I've had a compound tibia/fiblua fracture, and having both bones broken and protruding through the skin on my lower leg simultaneously did nothing to decrease the agony.

My PseudoAunt is feeling much the same as I am. This is both bad and good. It's good becuase if we're both experiencing the same symptoms, there's no reason for me to leave to avoid making her sick because it's a done deal. She either already caught whatever is causing us to feel this way from me, or I caught it from her, or both of us caught it from an unnamed third party. I'm betting on the third party, though it doesn't matter much at this point.

PseudoAunt was supposed to go to the hospital twice today to have her chest physiotherapy. She went in the late morning before lunch, but afterwards, she came back hoe and got into bed. I woke up at about the time she should have gone in for her second physiotherapy. I tried to persuade her to get up and go. She would not get out of bed. I got too tired, so I went back to bed, too.

When he walked through the door to the condo in which we're presntly staying, PseudoUncle was a bit angry that PseudoAunt had no-showed her appointment, but then he saw the reason and was no longer angry. He got her up and performed her chest physiotheerapy on her. He checked both of our temps (102.2 for me and 101.8 for her) and listened to our hearts and lungs. He concluded that not much could be done for us today, but he called her specialist and called a pediatrician for me. We're both taking meds that make us more comfortable, and we're seeing doctors tomorros.

There is absolutely no benefit to being sick when there is no school.


  1. Sounds awful! Many well wishes to you both.

  2. Sounds a nasty bug.

    Mind you, since my visit to California, I have started sneezing and developed a cough! ;o)