Sunday, October 10, 2010

Back to school tomorrow for a week

It almost seems pointless to go back just to transfer to my new "facility" in a week, but parents and doctors feel it will be beneficial, sort of like facing my demons before they grow proportionately larger in my mind. I still have to keep the leg wrapped, because incidental direct contact with it would be excruciating. At least it's a "B" day, which means I have APAIS. Advanced Placement Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies is the course where we sit on our buts for 93 minute or however long it is just being geniuses. At least I'll get to watch "Judge Alex." I'm wondering how the secretaries, assistant principals, female teachers on prep periods, and others have managed to justify watching it at school in my absence. Probably they watched it every day (even the days APAIS didn't meet) so that they could fill me in on anything I may have missed in my absence. I did actually miss one day's worth of episodes, so maybe they can help. I heard that a couple of them have even received Certificates of Excellence from the Gavel Quest competition. Dear readers, if you live anywhere in the U. S, but especially in the State of CAlifornia, these are YOUR tax dollars hard at work.

I'm not really afraid. I've been assured by faculty and administration that I will be protected at all times in the unlikely event that any of the thugs still incarcerated have friends who are out to get me. I'm still actually more afraid of being trampled by the mobs of students hurrying to avoid tardies, as I'm not very steady yet. I'm still on crutches even though I can now take three steps on my weak leg totally independent of my crutches or any other balancing or support aid. Come to think of it, if the thugs' friends were smart, they would run into me during passing times and claim it was an accident, but none of them are likely to be that clever. Additionally, since I thought of it, I'll request protection in getting from one class to the next. Maybe I'll even ask to be transported via wheelchair.

I haven't yet forgiven the principal for his role in accusing me of plagiarism. He said he was trying to be fair and treat us equally, but I don't really see how the plagiarist deserved fair and equal treatment when he had been caught cheating on numerous occasions. The thug is too stupid even to cheat successfully, much less to string a coherent sentence together on his own. The simple fact that I turned the paper in a year before he did should have been sufficient cause to exonerate me without my even having been questioned. The next issue, and my parents are willing to fight on my behalf for this one, is that my current class standing is #1. As long as I maintain A's in all classes, including the university ones, for which I'm supposed to receive school credit as well, there should be no grounds for taking the honor away from me. I don't care anything about giving a valedictory address. Everyone 4.0 and over is considered a valedictorianm but only one valedictory address is given. I couldn't care any less about giving a speech -- all things considered, I'd prefer to give that honor to someone else-- but I want credit for having graduated #1 in the class if my GPA remains the highest. My attendance at a facility for treatment of PTSD is the school's fault, and I do not deserve to be penalized. Incidentally, little brother now holds the second highest GPA in our graduating class. That gives my parents some leverage and credibility in arguing on my behalf, since, if nothing changes, the honor would go to my parents' other child if I were not to receive it. Twin bro might actually like giving the valedictory address.

So I'm bedding down fairly early tonight with the hope that I will not be too exhausted to drag myself to school for the privilege of being gawked at. Even in a large school, secrets can't be kept. The sexual component of the attack is common knowledge on the street. The only OK thing about it is that my high school is sufficiently academic that few if any of my peers would think it was funny. One other good thing is that I have so many built-in medical excuses, from the cracked ribs abd bruised kidney from where the plagiarist kicked me to the recent re-injury from the girl stepping on my fracture to the surgery that I can pretty much call it quits for the day at any time of the day I want. Who's to say my pain isn't real? Tomorrow, however, I'll probably stick it out if only for APAIS.

I hope you all have pleasant Mondays.

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  1. Bloody Hell.

    You really have bene through the mill.

    Still, onwards and upwards as they say!

    Hope you have a great Monday and a wonderful rest of the week.