Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Cast Comes Off Tomorrow!

I'm getting rid of my final cast tomorrow. I'm nervous because I know the leg will look bad for awhile, but the doctors assure me it's temporary. The surgical scars may not fade entirely, but they tell me any scarring from the lesions from the infection will go away, but it will take some time. They also say it's normal for the bone to still appear slightly misshapen, but I had an actual X-ray, of which I don't have many because my father is worried about radiation, and the doctors are all confident the bone is growing together straight and is almost completely healed four months after the accident. I'll still be on crutches for at least three weeks, but what's three more weeks in the grand scheme of things?

School has started, but I'm not there yet because my doctor said I shouldn't have to go until the bruises on my face have faded. My dad says Monday I'll have to go. I just hope I don't get trampled by the masses. I do not need any more casts or broken clavicles.

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  1. Yay! Maybe, you could flatter your leg a bit and get some really crazy patterned knee highs or something to wear. That's what I would do. That way, people would be more drawn to the socks, and they would downplay (and hide) your scars. :)