Saturday, June 10, 2017

Adios to The Great White North

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I was supposed to have flown over the border from The Land of The Maple Leaf to The Land of The [the last I heard, anyway, they haven't officially taken our liberty from us yet]Free and the Home of the Brave, but a few complications have delayed my departure.  I will be leaving soon, but I have a strong feeling that I'll be back before long. There's something to be said for dual citizenship. For anyone who has the opportunity to obtain it, it's something I highly recommend.  It doesn't make anyone less of what they already were; it merely broadens opportunities.

Today I attempted a brief treadmill workout following a minor medical snafu. After just over 1.6 kilometers (very close to one mile), felt almost as though I might be dying, so I halted the workout. It's a sad day in my life when I cannot even make it past a mile on a treadmill at a speed of 6 kilometers per hour.  To use an expression I despise, nonetheless, it is what it is. If I must choose between life and completing a respectable workout, I choose life. That's not to be confused with being pro-life, which i guess I technically am. That's something the official "Pro-Lifers" don't actually get about those of us who are pro-choice: most of us actually value life and dislike abortion just about as much as they do. We just don't think our personal religious beliefs should dictate policy for everyone else. OK, I'll climb off my soapbox now. I'll have to climb carefully, or my return to the United Sector of Assholes (to which my native land is sometimes affectionately referred) may be delayed even further.

I wonder if the cat, Ashley Madison,  remembers who I am. If not, she'll hiss at me upon my return. She's not fond of strangers.  I am perfectly OK with it if Fluffy, the obnoxious chihuahua mix my brother frequently babysits because he needs the money, has forgotten who I am. If my brother is the one being paid to care for her, I would prefer that she not pester me with her petty needs.

I will miss Kathleen, the small white poodle who inhabits the house I've called home for the past couple of months.  I don't ordinarily take to small yippy dogs, but Kathleen and I bonded together over oodles of quality time.

Hasta la vista! My next post will likely be from the other side of the 49th parallel.

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