Friday, August 26, 2016

Mini Post-Script to the Prior Post

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This picture has little to do with my post except that the lady looks slightly like Avril.

I discussed a situation of etiquette, in my most recent blog. Those of us who were present made the decision to approach both the person whose manners were lacking and the dean of our program. It wasn't our intent, or at least not my own, to get the person into trouble. My rationale was that I didn't want to be blamed if the couple who hosted a group of us for dinner were to call and complain about a member of the party but not name the person, all of us might have been in jeopardy. The reason for approaching the woman herself was, at least in my justification, to be up-front rather than duplicitous about it.  i have no serious hope that anything Kal Penn might have told he would have changed the way she lives her life.  I do, however, find it easier to live with myself  in knowing that she was told both how the group felt and that the dean was to be contacted by one of us.

As it turned out, less than an hour after Dylan, who represented our group in speaking to the dean, left the dean's office, our hostess from the previous evening did call to complain about Avril's rudeness. As we thought might be the case, the hostess didn't name the offending party. The dean didn't let on that he had already been apprised of the situation, but he questioned the hostess to ensure that the picture as dylan painted it was accurate and that no one else was discourteous or otherwise poorly represented the school.

The rest of us are in the clear, but I have no idea what will happen to Avril. she can't really be kicked out of the program for exhibiting abysmal manners at a public relations function.  Transfers at this stage of the game in medical school are rare but not unheard of, and it could happen, though not likely without a second chance for Avril.  i wouldn't think that the people in power would be quite so concerned about what she might do  at future functions for our university, but rather, what she will do once she gets her degree from here that might tarnish the image if our institution. (Pun intended; this place is all colors of crazy now.)  I'm trying to adopt the mindset of the dean and of his advisory board. I suspect they'd love to unload her on some unsuspecting (or even suspecting) medical school that needs her high qualifications more than the school doesn't need someone with her social skills. Those in power would probably arrange her schedule to be so ugly as to be considered almost   (but not quite) harassment.  that's easier than officially inviting her to leave, which they could legally do, I suspect, if they were willing to take on the necessary documentation, but it might not be without a court fight. It would be much easier if she were to pack he bags voluntarily, which she might very well do if she were told that she would not receive a single positive faculty recommendation were she to stay.

But then, what do I know? Perhaps a similar action is being plotted behind my back as I type this.

We wouldn't know any of this except that there is a mole in the dean's office.


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