Monday, December 21, 2015

We (the general public) have absolutely no clue as to how Judge Alex feels about Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, or any other aspect of the presidential race!

what can be found in a google image search of "Donald Trump"

We're back at our hotel now. Midnight has come and gone, but neither my cousin nor my brother nor I feel like sleeping. My room here adjoins theirs with doors that lock on both sides. Right now Matthew is channel-surfing on the extra bed in my room while Josh is doing the same in their room. If Matthew falls asleep in my extra bed, it's fine. If he doesn't, that, too is fine.

I'm not using my TV because I'm reading a Facebook post of Judge Alex's.  I don't have a Facebook account. My mom was a district office administrator for the local school district  in our family's previous city of residence. One of her duties was to deal with anything connected to cyber-bullying, which typically happened at the middle school and high school level. Many years ago this may have involved Myspace, but in more recent years it was almost always related to Fecebook. She was so bothered by some of what she saw in terms of kids' interactions on Facebook that she offered my brother and me each five thousand dollars not to have Facebook accounts until we turned twenty-one. Initially she just said we could not have Facebook accounts, period, but as we got closer to leaving for college, the offer of cash to avoid social networks came into play. I have a Twitter account which is, like my blog, not under my actual surname, but she was OK with that as long as it remained low-key.

I have access to a password to someone else's account so that I can read Facebook postings that are either her friends' postings or public postings, but I don't post at all. Now that I'm twenty-one, I can have an account if I want, but I'm not sure I'll bother with it. Once I'm into or even halfway through a residency, I'll think about it if I have time. 

Anyway, Judge Alex made an interesting post. Donald Trump bought the rights to If a person types in "," he or she is directed to Donald Trump campaign ads. Such a campaign tactic was, in my opinion, rather puerile of Trump and/or his staffers. Anyone whose vote would genuinely be swayed by such antics is probably cognitively beneath redemption and is probably too dull-witted to navigate his or her way into and out of a voting both, much less to correctly fill in a ballot. Still, the crux of Judge Alex's post was clearly that if a person is going to run for office and spend a large number of dollars in doing so, it might be a good idea to allot a few of those dollars to registering any domain closely associated with one's name.

A few of Judge Alex's followers understood the point of his post. Even more, seemingly, did not. Though the judge posted this more than a week ago, some of his followers are still arguing over the judge's wisdom, sanity, political smarts, and over an array of other attributes.  They're accusing him of supporting Donald Trump, of making fun of him, of wanting to bear Donald Trump's love child, and of God knows what else. 

All the man did was call attention to Trump's having bought the rights to the "" domain.

Judge Alex has since gone into cyber-seclusion. He's probably banging his head against a wall. I don't blame him.

what is presently displayed at


  1. Facebook is a giant time waster. But if you were ever inclined to join, it might be fun to talk about random stuff with you... :D

  2. Five thousand? Dollars? I'd close out my account for a whole lot less and rather quickly. While it has its uses, Fecebook (I like your spelling) is mostly a waste of time. As long as you haven't been sucked in you might as well stay away from it. You have more important things to do.

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