Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Sex in Medical School and Other Fallacies

Life is moving along at its usual snail's pace. In my school we've just finished a unit on infectious diseases and have moved on to endocrinology, after which we'll transition to the final area of focus for the quarter, which will be on male and female reproduction.

I'm probably saying more than I should about my personal life here.  I'm relatively anonymous in this forum, however, so what the hell? I'll spill my guts.

It's a bit awkward in some ways to learn so much about the medical aspects of reproduction before having much practical experience in that regard. I wonder if, when it's time for me to experience all of that sort of thing, I'll obsess on the technical aspects to the point that I miss out on the essence of the experience. That would be sad.

I'm not the only novice in regard. There are a few east Asian girls and a  girl whose parents are from India who have no more experience with all things carnal than have I. Perhaps we should stick together during that part of lecture so people don't smirk at us too much if we turn red. Then again, having six or so girls seated together who are embarrassed by the subject matter would probably be far more conspicuous than finding our own individual spots where we can attempt to blend into the woodwork.

I'm going home for the first time this quarter for the Halloween weekend. A few people are coming with me. My brother is not yet sure as to whether or not he will travel home. He's already been home once this quarter. I had planned to visit home earlier but there was never a good time. My parents have both been here at least twice, and other relatives have been through as well. Beyond that, there's really little time to be homesick. This place has essentially become home to me though I don't love the bay area enough to settle here permanently.

Judeg Alex posted this link . It ranks the fans of NFL teams in terms of their obnoxiousness. Whoever did the rankings pretty much got it spot on, though I probably would have ranked the Seattle Seahawks higher on the obnoxiousness scale. The godawful Pete Carroll by himself is arguably the single most obnoxious person associated with the NFL. Anyone who likes him is guilty of obnoxiousness by association. Some people would put the Harbaugh brothers in the same league. I really don't. I think Jim Harbaugh is mildly funny. He's a complete maniac, but maniacs can be amusing. Just the same, I'm glad he's moved back to college sports. He probably belonged in college all along. College athletes still listen to coaches to some degree. College coaches presumably get paid more as well, and Harbaugh has enough offspring that he needs every dollar that he can earn or steal. Pete Carroll, on the other hand, has no option of returning to the NCAA because any university who hired him would likely face sanctions for the next millennium.

They're not obnoxious.
No one here is obnoxious, either . . .

nor is there anything obnoxious about these people.

This guy is probably the least obnoxious Seahawk fan of all.

The Patriots fans are ranked as the league's most obnoxious. I can see the rationale behind that ranking. At the same time, even though I think he's dishonest and stands for everything that sports probably shouldn't stand for, I have a grudging respect for Bill Belichick. Anyone who inspires such paranoia in the opposition that they bring their own gatorade and [for good reason] fear that you're bugging their walkie talkies or going through the visiting locker rooms after you use them for any hint of your team's secrets is probably doing something right. I have no use for Tom Brady, though.


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  2. Sex is overrated. I waited until I was 30 and don't regret it one bit.

  3. Since University of California-- San Francisco is ranked as 2nd best medical school in U.S. by one place, it would be a good school to go to. U.S. News (2016) ranks it as tied for 3rd with Johns Hopkins U. with Stanford U. 2nd and Harvard U first. UPenn is 5th and University of CA-- LA is ranked as 13th. That is in research.

    In Primary Care U of WA is ranked first, U of SC is ranked 2nd and UCSF is ranked 3rd by 2016 US News. Harvard U is tied with UPenn in 12th. Stanford U is only in 25th place. I was surprised that Princeton U, where Einstein taught was not anywhere. I checked and they do not have a medical school.

    According to U.S. News the top 10 colleges are #1 Princeton, Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Stanford, U of Chicago, MIT, Duke, UPenn and CIT and Johns Hopkins are tied for 10th.

    1. Rankings change all the time. People who form the committees who choose residents for their programs don't necessarily pay attention to the rankings, and those people are the only ones whose rankings will matter to me. regardless, i'm enrolled one medical school and if i were to transfer, i'd likely loose a lot of credits, as medicals schools typically want you to complete most of your coursework on site, so i have no interest in switching med schools. u. c. SF is a great school -- my dad did med school there -- but so is the school where i'm presently studying.

    2. You know a lot more about this than I do. I was trying to guess what medical school you went to. I know that it was a good one. Well at least I guessed what medical school your father went to. I noticed that you said "This place has essentially become home to me though I don't love the bay area enough to settle here permanently."

      It is better to live closer to the equator where it is warmer and sunnier like San Diego. Have a very nice Halloween. My next door neighbor had to stay home with her 6 year old son who has never eaten any food, ever. He died at age 6 but it was a miracle that he lived that long.

      So I took her 2 other sons out for Halloween-- one is older than the 6 year old and one is younger. We stayed out later than everyone and when we got to some people's houses, they said that we would be the last ones and they dumped all their candy into our bags.

      It was good that we had empty pillow cases for candy that would not tear. Because of staying out late we ended up bringing back about 40 pounds of candy. These kids felt like billionaires.

  4. When I was at BYU I had a roommate who was a zoology major. I remember she came home all embarrassed after she and a male lab partner had to conduct an experiment on plant propagation. Can't imagine how she might have felt during the lecture you described! ;)

  5. I just grin and think it's cute when people react that way to anything remotely sexual in nature.

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