Saturday, April 11, 2015

I AM the new Cutthroat Bitch.

I enjoyed the story line that had Cutthroat Bitch haunting House from the grave via his dreams.

Upon the advice of others both online and in real life, and after careful consideration, I have decided to totally embrace the entire Cutthroat Bitch concept.  I doubt my behavior or demeanor will change dramatically, but  as far as the name itself goes, I'm totally owning the whole thing until either I or those who have chosen to refer to me as such grow weary of the ludicrosity of it all. 

If one simply goes with the flow, those who somehow find the time to devote to such foolishness as inventing new names for people because the name one's parents chose apparently isn't good enough sometimes tire of the silliness and/or grow up. On the other hand, there are people from my high school who have no idea who Alexis is but can instantly conjure a mental picture of me if the're reminded of the lovely nickname Anorexis. Sometimes nicknames stick. 

Will this one stick? Only time will tell.

It's my new identity, though I shouldn't necessarily officially make it such, as I do enjoy the semi-anonymity this blog has afforded me. If my peers became my readers, I would lose, to some extent at least, the freedom of candor that the situation presently affords me.  If anyone from school is reading here (no one from school other than my brother has  made the reading of the blog known to me thus far, incidentally), read away and try not to fall asleep while doing so. Some aspects of my life comprise a wide-open but incredibly boring book.

I wish everyone peace and love as well as a nice weekend.

Cutthroat Bitch II

I don't yet have the "bedroom eyes" thing down pat. I probably need to practice in front of a mirror.


  1. Maybe "CB" for short. It does have a nice ring to it. Give 'em hell Alexis, besides the peace and love.

    1. Quite possibly. I googled the name. There is even fa fiction about Cutthroat Bitch. They've shortened it to CTB. Once I I've decided, I'll need to order stamps with both the full and initialed versions.

  2. The more I play along, the faster everyone will get sick of the whole thing.

  3. My mother tried to tell me that with the Anorexis nickname. I wish I'd listened better then. I knew enough not to cry, pout, or act angry when anyone called me Anorexis, but I never acted as though I appreciated the nickname. If I had, perhaps I would not still be labeled as Anorexis in some settings.

  4. You said "Some aspects of my life comprise a wide-open but incredibly boring book." At least the above with this nickname has not been boring. I do not think that medical school will be boring, especially when you accidentally discover a cure for cancer. Will the headline read "Cutthroat Bitch Accidentally Discovers a Cure for Cancer?"

    I liked that quote you had on Twitter/Pinterest by Einstein about Tesla. I have an article about Elon Musk and Tesla Motors and also Elon Musk being the reincarnation of Nicola Tesla. Tesla Motors uses an AC electric motor unlike other electric car companies (Tesla invented AC).

    Elon Musk is a billionaire genius with a photographic memory (Tesla also had that) who wants the world to only use sustainable energy. If Tesla did come back what would he be now? Elon Musk's main job is as a rocket scientist! He is CEO and CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of SpaceX. He is CEO of Tesla Motors and chairman of the board of SolarCity (his cousins own it) that builds solar cells on the roofs of residential houses and on the roofs of over 100 WalMarts.

    Smart, successful people (like Dr. Gregory House) are not crazy. They are eccentric. Musk wants to use sustainable energy to save the earth but as a back-up plan, he wants to build a colony of humans on mars. Can you picture yourself as a doctor on mars? That would not be boring.

  5. Every week I tweet my post about the Einstein quiz that is part of my old blog. I was just about to do it and I saw that you tweeted it also. But I still put it up since some people guess that the first house is the house on the right instead of on the left. Hebrew is read from right to left. I looked it up and using the percent he gave, people that solve it have over 132 IQ.

    I mention that I learned it from the French girl. Years ago I came across a 15 year old girl in Paris that hated life and wanted to die so I emailed her. Her father was an MD that worked in a hospital. Her mother was a lawyer. The girl is brilliant & speaks 5 languages and skipped a grade.

    She was close to her father but he got too busy for her. She had a best friend but he no longer wanted to be best friends with her (geniuses can have trouble finding friends). So she jumped off of her 5th floor balcony, hit the sidewalk breaking an arm, a leg & 2 ribs & went into a coma. A couple of days later she came out of it with no permanent damage but still depressed.

    I spent over a year being her friend and helping her and she got much better. Two years ago she called me on the phone & we talked for 2 hours. She is still doing well & is going to college in Portugal (Portuguese is one of her 5 languages). She took every e-mail I sent her, printed them and made them into a book that she can read when she feels down. My blog about her:

  6. One of my eighth grade teachers gave us that quiz in eighth grade English class, It was an honors class in a small University of California city with a lot of professors' and other professionals' , kids so it was a relatively bright class. but there were kids in the class who couldn't have figured it out no matter how much time they would have been given.

  7. Have you heard this joke? What do you call one who graduates medical school last in his class? Doctor! You can be a medical school student that knows more about the human body than doctors! I remember that doctor was telling you and a nurse that if one is breathing, his heart is also beating.

    I have been fasting for over 20 years but I only realized this in the last year. It is hidden in plain sight. Many medical doctors and health experts say that sleeping is bad for health! Of course you have not heard it since they use different words. Why would they say such a thing? They do not know they are saying it.

    So what words do they use? They say that fasting is bad for health. You cannot sleep unless you are also fasting. So if fasting is bad for health it means that sleeping is bad for health. The way that I figured this out, even though this should be obvious, was the news that during sleep the toxins in the brain are removed at an accelerated rate including amyloid plaque that contributes to dementia and Alzheimer's disease. This article has the latest news on fasting.

    2,000 years ago fasting was the main method of healing among Jews, like Jesus. That is why the bible has 74 references to fasting. I did not count them. I read the above in a book. The above article has the current Chief of the Laboratory of Neurosciences at the National Institute on Aging who is professor of Neuroscience at Johns Hopkins University telling about the benefits of fasting.