Sunday, February 1, 2015

Lousy Geography on My Part

I chose a heart-themed love triangle picture in honor of the month of February.

In reference to my last blog, Person B isn't actually going toattend med school across any body of water from me. He'll be a mere thirty-five or so miles up the 101.  This certainly complicates the somewhere-between-like-and-love triangle even further.

Still, I'm not doing anything remotely close to the wild thing with either of them, I'm not promising exclusivity to either of them (nor they to me), and they know all about each other and actually get along.

Perhaps we could arrange  a male counterpart version of  Big Love. We could call  it Brother Husbands and perhaps have our own reality TV show.  I'm being entirely facetious, of course. The percentage of people with the level of education I hope to attain who marry someone they dated when they were barely twenty is quite low, I would assume. And when I eventually do marry, I wish for a monogamous relationship. Still, it's an interesting concept which someone more adventurous than I may wish to develop.

Neither video exactly depicts my situation, nut I'm in a 70's/80;s music mood, so I'm including both.

     This one overstates my case greatly, but what the hell?

This one's a bit melodramatic for my actual situation as well, but  what's life without melodrama?

I know I said there were two videos, but sometimes I lie. I came across a third I wanted to share even though it has little to nothing to do with my present situation. Enjoy.

P.S. I didn't have a strong opinion regarding the outcome of today's Super Bowl -- how does one decide which cheating coach's team for whom to cheer ? --  but didn't the near-the-end mug shot of the rather despicable Seahawk Richard Sherman's terribly sad face make sitting through the entire Super bowl worthwhile?


  1. Brother Husbands.... now that might be a reality show I could watch.

    1. I think I'd watch it , too, knotty, but i would not care to star in it. perhaps we should find a family that fits the description and try to sell them to TLC.

  2. Glad you're keeping it simple and not committing. There's plenty of time for that. -- Of course, if you were Mormon, you'd already be an old maid. ;)

    1. Ain't that thee truth, Donna? My grandma is already worried about me. my grandfather just thinks i'm a lost cause.