Sunday, October 13, 2013

Freshmen and creepy movies are enough to ruin a weekend.

Between Jurassic Park in my room [because my brother couldn't bear to watch it alone] and freshmen who were invited for dinner last night but extended their stay to an overnight sleepover, my weekend has been stolen -- time lost that I will never regain. I was able to vouch for the stragglers and reassure my parents that they wouldn't escape with the silverware, so my parents didn't have to guard the door and shake everyone down before they left late this morning.

My brother came home today home and was watching Jurassic Park. I was on my laptop catching up on correspondence in the family room until Jurassic Park started to freak me out. I moved into my bedroom. My brother got lonely, so he came into my room,sat on my recliner, grabbed the remote control to my TV, and turned Jurassic Park on in my room. I told him that the reason I had exited the family room was to get away from Jurassic Park. He argued that I was missing the really cool part. I just tried to block my view as much as I could. I hope I don't have Jurassic Park nightmares.

As predicted, we didn't get rid of all the freshmen last night. One boy and seven girls stayed over. We had enough beds and sofas for everyone. My parents cooked breakfast and packed lunches. Everyone was gone by 11:00 a.m. That gave me a little time to rest up for The Big Push and to put in five hours of piano/violin practice.

I'm caught up on studying for this week, so I'm just practicing instruments today and tomorrow. I'll return Monday in time for class because I'm spending Sunday night here. My Aunt Ilianna will have more cookies for me to deliver. Last week she made a huge batch of chicken soup for the kids when they were sick, and put it into crock pots in the main downstairs lounge. The freshmen ate it all. I think my aunt should quit her volunteer job as a school nurse at a local parochial school and just take care of the kids in my dorm. My fellow residents are more appreciative of her efforts than are the children in the parochial school, and any time she spends is time I do not have to devote to their care and well-being. She's a pediatric nurse practitioner who has successfully raised four kids. As such, she's far more qualified to help these freshmen than I am. She fills in for various personnel at the university health center from time to time, as does her husband, an OB-GYN who is also board-certified in emergency medicine.

I start The Big Push on Thursday, but with just a bit of luck, it could be over by Monday, as I have fewer academic courses than I've had, and I've gotten a bit of a jump start. I will only practice enough that I will not lose any skill or dexterity where my instruments are concerned -- maybe an hour a day on each instrument. A local catholic organist asked me to fill in for several masses next Sunday. I don't have time, but my mom wants them to keep calling me when they have openings, so she's going to fill in. She's a far more skilled organist than I am.

This blog is ended. Go now in peace to love and serve the Lord, and be careful with cheesy movies from the late eighties and early nineties. The special effects are not realistic enough to fool you but are, nonetheless, still capable of producing serious nightmares.

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