Saturday, July 6, 2013


From Alexis' Dad:

Alexis is eating soft foods (sherbet, saltine crackers, jello, peanut butter) and has walked midway down the hall. Had she stopped maybe ten yards earlier, she could have walked back to bed on her own, but she always manages to walk just a bit beyond her midway range to that someone else has to transport her back to bed. What can I say, except that I raised a lazy child.

She extends her greetings and appreciation for your concern to all of you and says she would like to entend them personally except that no one will allow a computer to be within her reach.  I, too, extend my appreciation to all of you for caring.

She asked me for some reason to end the message with the pound sign. Whatever.



  1. Hello, Alexis' Dad! It's good to hear that Alexis is making good progress in her recovery. Give her my best.

  2. It's good to hear she's on the mend. Thanks for the update!