Thursday, February 21, 2013

Teleconference Went at Least Adequately

I woke up at 8:00 a.m. when my alarm went off after finally having drifted off to sleep somewhere between 5:00 and 5:30 a.m. Sleep experts tell us that when we're lying  seemingly sleeplessly, we're actually getting a little more sleep than we think we're getting, so I presumably slept more than the three hours of sleep for which  I officially credit myself.

I had a whopping thirty minutes to make myself physically presentable, as well as mentally and technically ready for the teleconference.  When it became clear that sleep for the moment was a lost cause, I got out of bed at 4:00 a.m., showered and washed, dried, and straightened my hair.  That way, if I slept late, all I had to do when I finally made it out of bed was to throw on clothing and get my equipment going. Even if no one in attendance at the teleconference had known I was not all that fresh-smelling, it is difficult to bring one's "A" game  to a meeting when one knows  one's hygiene is lacking even if it isn't apparent on camera or over the phone. I'm glad  I took the time while I was awake to make myself presentable even if it was only for my own benefit.

My doctor succinctly but eloquently pleaded my case. The administrator from the Students' Support Services Program Office for Students with Disabilities essentially rubber-stamped everything that my doctor had to say, and offered no resistance.  Most of the professors were there because they had to be. My music professor was exempt from attendance because he stated in writing that there was no possibility of my not receiving an "A" in his class. He said that, God forbid, if I dropped dead next week, my work in the course is already sufficiently complete that he would have no choice but to give me an "A."  My gymnastics instructor also was exempt from attendance. His written statement was that, with my skill level in gymnastics, with a medical excuse, and with make-up assignments for each class session missed  beyond two sessions of each course, I would pass the class. It's a pass/fail class. I've already submitted six make-up assignemnts. (So much for my being able to sell any of them.)

I was quizzed on course content  by my other professors, but their questions were fair, and I answered them all easily enough and to my professors' satisfaction. All professors noted that assignments, both minor and major,  had been turned in far in advance.

The administrator, whose decision was final, ruled that I should be off campus and skyping courses for  the next  three weeks following this week. If at the the end of that three week period my doctor feels  I am unable to return, she ruled, the panel will meet again. Otherwise, the decision was made and the issue was finalized.

I'm confident I'll be ready to return to class in person on March 18. In the meantime, I'll skype and do just a bit of review. I'll be bored when I'm not tired, but at least I'm not being kicked out of the university.  My boredom is temporary. Life is good, and should soon be getting even better as my mobility and strength return.


  1. Are you sure you're ok? There's a lot of typos in that post and that's not like you. Not that I give a shit about typos, it just reads like a very tired author. Get some quality rest.

  2. It was a pretty pathetic effort. I'm not a great typist, but I usually can edit decently. I must have been too exhausted to have been typing. I got about fifteen hours of sleep following that post, and sleeping will comprise most of my weekend activity.

    Thanks for your concern.

  3. Paul, I edited in my rejuvenated state. this edition may not be perfect, but it's far more readable than it was in its earlier incarnation.

    1. Don't worry about all that. Good to see you back and fit.