Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Night Update

Alexis is developing some serious attitude, which, as long as it doesn't cause her to be evicted from the hospital before she's physically ready, is probably a good thing. Her point of view is that, had they done their jobs properly, she would have been out of there for good a long time ago, so if she happens to be a tad unpleasant in the interim, they'll just have to deal with it. Her surgeon is inclined to agree with her, so she's being very cooperative with him. The resident assigned to monitor her is earning every penny he's paid. She says to say that she would like to be typing her own messages if we would just give her computer back to her, but Dad says not yet. Surgeon is defering to Dad. Resident assigned to monitor her doesn't think she should ever get it back.

Some patients on the floor where she received her inpatient PTSD treatment have been allowed to visit, which has helped her outlook somewhat. She's still eating one Baskin Robbins clown cone each day, and is managing to eat a bit more regular food. She's burning up a lot of calories by being so obnoxious, and it's increasing her appetite. She says to thank everyone who has sent messages of support.


  1. Well I'm happy to hear this...I suppose? :) I'm glad she's feeling a bit better, can't wait to hear from her personally, but after she is all healed.

  2. <3 Keep up the good work girl!
    Don't get yourself kicked out of the hospital yet!
    Sounds like you ended up with a good surgeon.

  3. Glad she has some attitude.

    Get well soon, Alexis.