Thursday, September 30, 2010

Surgery and court date tomorrow

I should know more about criminal legal proceedings since I plan to study law, but I admit to ignorance, especially where family/juvenile court is involved. All I know is I have to be there and the bad people will be there as well.

Then I'm hurrying off to the hospital to be hooked up to an IV and knocked out so that my hideous surgical scar can be made to look at bit less ghastly and so that an adjustment to a bone graft can be made.

I'm not totally sure which event scares me more at this point. I don't plan on sleeping terribly well tonight. I hope the night's TV reruns are sufficient to hold me attention. I hope the judge doesn't become over;y enraged and find me in contempt if IU fall asleep in court tomorrow.


  1. Keep safe, Alexis! I'll be thinking of you! :o))

  2. I hope all went well! I'm praying for you! :)

  3. Surgery went well, they said. Cast comes off Friday. We'll see how the scar is starintg to look then, and I'll start putting weight on the leg. Still recovering from kidney bruise from cro-magnon who kicked me becuase he was physically unable to perform sex.

    Judge was nice to me and brutal to them in hearing. I'm going to inpatient treatment in Santa Barbara (3wks on, one week off for almost four months) fo PSTD. I haven't seen the place but have been told it's cushy. Parents say I have to try it, but if I hate it, they'll let me quit after 2 weeks, but they're sure I won't hate it. My mom's going to stay with me for the first week.

    All thing conidered, I'm not too bad. Thanks for asking.