Friday, August 20, 2010

I'm working to complete this assignment

I haven't completed quite enough blogs to fulfill the summer requirement for my Independent Study course. If you're even a semi-regular reader, you know that part of the problem is that each blog is far too long. Were I to have chopped my mega-blogs into chapters, I'd be finished. I would be tempted to do just that, but my instructor has been keeping track. It's too late.

My father has made the very self-serving suggestion that I have probably written more about my own nuclear family than anyone would care to know. I offered to write about our extended family on his side, but he didn't think it was such a wonderful idea. He suggested that I blog about the eccentricities of the families of my friends. Not HIS friends, mind you, but mine. Now how stupid does he really think I am? Other than a few loyal followers, and a few relatives on his side of the family who are paranoid (If the shoe fits, Uncle Mahonri, put it on and walk around in it for the rest of the day)at the very least, the only people who read this blog are my very closest friends. I have no intention of alienating them. I could not be nearly so open if it the existence of this blog were common knowledge at my school.

So I will take a slight twist on my dad's suggestion. I will blog about HIS friends. I have a later afternoon doctor's appointment -- no cast off yet, but a final check -- but as soon as I return, I will peruse my parents' rol-a-dex for ideas on what family should be me next subject. I will only do this for a short time because I don't want to bore you to tears, and I only want to make the point to my dad that my blogging topics should not be of concern to him. I promise I'll pick only the very most interesting people my parents know.

Sayonara para maintenant,

(My closure was put there with the intent of annoying my father if he reads. He's a language purist and would oppose mixing three languages in one phrase.


  1. This is bizarre. I already posted this answer once. i wonder if my brother is hacking again. I suppos ir's no big deal as long as he doesn't remove blogs or mcreate blogs of his own. I may have to set up his own blogging space amd blog fOR him. now wouldn't THAT be interesting?

    Anyway, Becca, I have eleven more blogs to go. Since I'm doing one right now, that will reduce the total amount to ten. They need to be in before Monday. this is an accomplishable task, but I wish it were already finished.

    Ciao pour oi,