Sunday, June 27, 2010

My parents have redeemed themselves.

My parents came home from their party very late last night to find me asleep on the landing halfway up the stairs. They woke me up and asked me why I was there. I explained that I was too tired to scoot any further up the stairs so I just went to sleep there. At one point while my mom was helping me into bed, she asked me what I had for dinner. I told her I ate brown sugar. At first she went on a rant and screamed at me.

She went downstairs after screaming for awhile. She must have reevaaluated the situation or looked at the contents of the fridge and pantry that are within my reach. she had my father (the sober one because he was the designated driver after the party) go to an all-night grocery store and pick up food that I like and food that can be within my reach that doesn't need to be cooked. My dad made me eat a banana and instant instant oatmeal and drink chocolate milk before I went to sleep. I had to brush my teeth all over, which is an ordeal because I have to get out of bed and back into my wheelchair, then put the toothpaste on the toothbrush single-handedly, which isn't as easy a it sounds (try it) and then get back to bed all over, but it was worth it not to be hungry.

We had pancakes this morning. I ate two all by myself without feeding any to the dog. We went to mass. We went to one where another priest who didn't excommunicate us was celebrating the mass so we could have communion. I don't know if that's cheating or not, but I don't really care. I never threw a dart at the pond-scum-prom-date-breaker's picture on the dart board, and it was all over the stupid dart board someone else made anyway. It was the first time I'd been to mass aince the accident. My parents have gone, but I haven't. It was sort of embarrassing to be pushed in a wheelchair, especially during communion. The people who don't know us probably felt sorry for me and thought 'Oh, that poor little crippled girl!" I don't like to be noticed in the wheelchair at all.

After church, we went to a store and my parents bought crutches and pink spray paint. I still have about 12 days until I can use them, but they will be ready. My parents can be very nice people.

My mom triple-wrapped my leg and let me float on a raft in the pool with a life preserver on just in case I fell off and no one was watching closely enough. It was hot today, and I didn't get very wet on the raft, but I got wet enough to cool off a little. My cast stayed dry.

One of my friends came home from vacation. She smuggled in the other knitting needle from the pair she had bought. My parents took the first one away. I'll be very furtive and they'll never know about this one. I can't keep it under my mattress, because my parents have grown brains and decided that someone with just one working hand can't put sheets on a bed all by herself with no help at all, but I have a better hiding place. I won't say anymore.

This was a nice day. My friend can drive, but she can't legally transport underage passengers yet, so she's going to bring me fast foood for lunch tomorrow. It may not be the most nutritious food in the world, but it's probably no worse than brown sugar and I don't eat that much of it, anyway.

A boy that was in my anatomy class and on the track team with me visited. We took a walk to a park not too far away. It's not quite as embarrassing being pushed in a wheelchair by a boy as it is when your parents are pushing you.

I hope everyone has a nice day tomorrow.

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