Saturday, November 12, 2016

Cheap Thrills in a Valley Hick Town

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the one who didn't show up

I'm tired after working a long day (we were open; the doctors in the practice are probably anti-Veteran) which was preceded by a train trip to a hick town in the valley from which people apparently go missing, never to be seen again. I made it back. While I was there, I stayed in a lovely hotel, and I watched and listened to a concert by some cute irish guys, the cutest of whom  was not there that night, but we all must deal with life's small disappointments. I later learned that he recently married the group's cellist, and the two are on a bit of a hiatus from the tour. I may have said this before, but cello players always get the cutest guys. I wish I'd picked up cello while I was young. I can play it a bit but don't enjoy it tremendously because the bowing action hurts my hand. If I'd learned it properly in my youth, things might have worked out better for me.

I picked up a small bit of wisdom while on my trip, which is that money in small quantities is easily replaced. A problem isn't a real problem if you can throw a small amount of money at it and make it disappear. Other problems in all our lives will be more difficult and more persistent, but  little things that cost far less than what is in a person's bank account shouldn't keep a person awake at night. Fork over the money and forget that it ever happened.

Even though the trip was theoretically comped, I'm a liberal tipper, so it didn't turn out to be totally free for me. In preschool, kindergarten, and a lifetime of living with a twin, I learned to share. Not everyone working at a hotel counter has either parents who will pay for all the education a young person needs or wants, or qualifies for as many scholarships as I did, some of which were given to me due less to any supposed brilliance I may or may not possess than because I had the right advisor handing my the best stack of applications to submit. I'm not poor now for a couple of reasons, but eventually I will earn a very comfortable salary and will be even less poor. If we all share when we can in small amounts, many other people's lives will be better.

I ordered an DNA kit from This may have been a rather frivolous purchase, especially since my parents, whom I have good reason to trust are my actual biological parents, sent in for their reports last year.  Still, I'm curious, and my throwing money around stimulates the economy.

This is one of the songs that was performed. You may have to be at least part Irish to appreciate it.

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