Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Many Faces of Ted Cruz and Other Matters With Which I'm far Too Busy to Concern Myself But Do Despite Present Time Constraints

I copied and pasted the first nine images

of Cruz that appeared in a Google Images search of "Ted Cruz."

I omitted image #3 because it was a closer view of image #1.

I did otherwise nothing to manipulate the results in order to gain stranger looking images of Cruz.

Any manipulation was done either by the folks at Google 

or by the photographers

or by Ted Cruz himself.

Perhaps he deliberately makes farcical faces whenever a camera is pointed at him.

You be the judge.

I'd first like to say that I believe or at least hope that the American public is smarter than the polls would indicate. I believe that at least a part of those people who have told the pollsters that they support Donald Trump for president are, in actuality, too smart to vote for him. While it may seem fun for some strange reason to some people to pretend that Trump would make an acceptable president, when those people are actually faced with a ballot bearing the names of candidates, I'd like to think that most of even those individuals who have indicated support for Trump in some ways in the past won't be able to force themselves to cast their votes for him. A relative few of them, in my estimation, probably truly are stupid enough to elect such a man to a position that gives him access to even more power than the power his money already affords him. Most people, however, may be sufficiently disillusioned with the political process to pretend they'd like to elect change by electing a man who is foreign to the political process, but in the final analysis, they'll recognize that placing someone with Trump's disposition and level of self-control in such close proximity to the black box is too daunting a prospect to undertake voluntarily. The North Koreans had no choice when it came to Kim Jong Un and his ascension to power. This is, however, the U. S. A. In theory, at least, we all have a say in the matter. 

But enough of political pontifications and doomsday predictions. What I actually wish to say even though it pertains to a presidential candidate, is not all that political in nature. 

Why does Ted Cruz consistently look so goofy in his pictures? I understand that he has many people following him around with cameras. If someone took enough pictures of me, I'm sure I'd be caught with silly expressions in some of my photos. I don't know if I could compete with Ted Cruz on that battle ground, however, even if I consciously attempted to look crazy or ditzy or foolish.

Is the biased liberal media so out to get Cruz that they've convinced the folks at Google to post at least four pictures of Cruz in which he looks as though he's deliberately displaying preposterous faces for every single image in which Cruz looks even remotely lucid? The question may sound sarcastic, but I'm actually asking it with sincerity.

Don't make any conclusions based on the information I'm providing. Go to Google and type in Cruz's name, then click on "Images." See for yourself. I'm interested in feedback from anyone who has an opinion. If you wish for your feedback to be private, either DM me at my Twitter or email me at I keep confidences.

I'm down to a single final exam remaining. The other six all went well. The last final exam is a combination practical / written test, and is potentially ugly, but I've studied diligently already and will, counting both independent and group study time, put in about five more hours in preparation for it.


  1. Ted Cruz looks like a very arrogant jerk.

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  3. He kind of reminds me of Lt. Frank Drebin from The Naked Gun/Police Squad. Only he's serious.

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