Thursday, September 4, 2014

Short-term Paternal Genealogy of Alexis

/Borrowing lines from a Mormon children's song, I have a family tree with branches by the almost-dozens, My dad's family's tree has eleven branches with the requisite uncles, aunts, and cousins.

1. Grandpa
2. Grandma
         1. John Pierre (married Erin)
               1. Alexis        Note: Alexis and Matthew are twins. Alexis was removed first, but Matthew followed within less
               2  Matthew    than a minute, so the birth times of record are the same for both twins

        2. Marthalene (married Mahonri)
               1. Marthalette
               2. Rilene
               3. Bradford
               4. Moriancumer
               5. Reed
               6  Lyman
               7, Hyrum
               8. Boyd
               9. Kinnard
              13. Joseph
       3. Angelie (married to James)
                1. Richard
                2. Todd
                3 . Laura
                4.  Dianne
                5.  Caleb
                6. Abraham
                7. Spencer
                8. Nathan
                9. Chelsea
              10. Gregory.
       4. Elyse  (married to Lee)
                1. Franklin
                2. Bryce
                3. Gina
                4. Natalie
                5. Emma
                6. Scott
                7  Hannah
                8. Damon (note: Damon and Dallin are fraternal twins)
                9. Dallin
        5. Celine (married to Elon)
                1. Penny
                2. Christine
                3. David
                4, Randall
                5. Nicolle
                6. Elizabeth
                7. William
                8. Kensington
         6. Claudine (married to Virl)
                1. Alexander
                2. Russell
                3. Clark
                4. Trent
                5. Rhett
                6. Blake
                7. Leticia
                8. Brock
        7. Marie-Therese (married to Corbin)
                1, Dilene
                2  Deanna
                3  Dennis
                4  Douglas
                5. Denise
                6. Dawnae
                7  Devin
                8. Daniel
                9  Dixie
               12 TBA
         8. Francoise (twin to Marie-Therese; died at 3 months of age)
         9, Steven (married to Heather)
                .1. John-Michael
                 2. Caroline
       10. Michael (married to Joanne)
                 1. Ryan
                 2. Ariel
       11. Cristelle (married to Mendel)
                 1. Blitzen Manx  (My dad's nickname for him is "Mutt," It's probably no worse than his given name.)
                 2. Antarctica Meringue   (otherwise known, courtesy of my dad, as Kitty Carry-all)



  1. Thanks.

    Love it. Especially the family with all the 'D" names and Mahonri and Marcelette's oh so Mormon choice of nomenclature (with a little help from you) !

    You have a real gift. When you come to write your fiction your apposite choice of names for characters will come in handy.
    Your inventiveness obviously only went so far, as there are SOME "normal" names amongst them.

    As I had shed Mormonism before needing to choose names I was able to avoid such horrors. My choices reflected my husband's and my joint Scottish ancestry-albeit 5 or so generations back.My best friend from childhood.-still- imprisoned in the Mormon delusion, has produced a "Hyrum". On any level, naming a child this could be construed as child abuse.

    1. You're damned right it's child abuse. Hyrum --sheesh. He'd fit right into my family.

  2. PS You omitted my favourite " Antarctica Meringue" !!!What drugs were you on when you invented that one.But it does evoke wonderful pristine icebergs which would fit the philosophy of the wonderful Mendel and Cristelle. Love " Blitzen Manx" a touch of genius on choosing that one.

  3. I know I left her out. I couldn't remember if it was meringue (the food) or merengue (the dance) and had to look it up. We just call her Kitty Carry-All anyway. I'll add her.

    Antarctica Meringue is for real. Her mom and dad are Wiccan free spirits. They're the ones who had the Wiccan wedding in which I, as the flower girl dressed in a sparkly fairy leotard, power -blasted rose petals into the astonished guests' faces with a giant battery-powetred wand. Then i did jetes and temps leve saute all over the place in the recessional. My dad, who was plastered, had to stand up and anounce, "The clan of Rousseau supports this union." He was mortified. That wedding was a hoot. All my Massachusetts relatives showed up (my grandparents were Catholic French Canadians before converting to Mo'ism) just to drink the free booze and catch the latst freak show form my grandparents' branch of the family, although my uncle steve said they wouldn't have found a Mormon temple wedding one bit weirder had they been allowed to attend.. My dad was the only sibling in attendance. uncle steve would have gone but his wife gave birth on that exact day. Uncle Michael was on his mission if I remember correctly. Grandma wanted to go, but my grandfather wouldn't let her.

    i'm going to add the next generation, but it will take a bit of work, i don't actually knowtheir names, but I think my mom has it writtne down some where. I honestly have first-cousins-once-removed, through deifferent parents, who are named Kayden, Jaden, Aiden, Braden, Haydon, and Vadon, they're all just second cousins, but still . . .

    1. Your family is fascinating. Some of those names are hysterical. To think I spent three quarters of my life not knowing anything about the weirdness of Mormon culture, right down to the wacko names. I see your dad's siblings mostly have nice Catholic sounding names and so many of their offspring have odd names. BTW... I hate all the "aiden" names that were all the rage in the past ten years or so. Had I had kids, I think I would have stuck with nice, traditional boring names.

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