Wednesday, March 21, 2012

At This Point, Either We Suck or We don't

Thanks, Amy. I think the leg that I actually did break two years ago was such a wreck of a fracture that it should be worth a great deal of luck on this performance.

I'm offstage for a little while. My homework is caught up, so I have the luxury or being online while others are slaving away at research projects or studying for tests between scenes.

We're having a few meltdowns and some diva-ish behavior. It was freaking me out at first, but a more experiernced castmate told me that it's par for the course for the final rehearsals before performances begin.. In our case, it's mostly about disagreements with the wardrobe people and some of the girls who are a bit vain.  It's not really realistic to expect to appear stylish while at the same time portraying a resident of Anatevka in around 1905..  I have many faults, but my level of vanity is pretty much under control.  I'm not really supposed to be pretty anyway -- just cute --  which isn't so difficult to pull off in Tsarist Russian attire.

I cannot guarantee that no one in the cast will kill another cast member, but I'm fairly certain i'll be neither the killer not the deceased if the worst should happen.

I've been confused about the day of the week since this week began, and it;s only Tuesday.  Let's hope I don't get confused and forget opening night on Thursday.

Go with God.

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