Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Admittedly Odd Post

     Molestation has been a prevailing topic of recent blogs at the "Band Back Together" website. This has caused me to evaluate my own life. I have a confession to make. Other than my near miss on a sexual assault a year or so ago, no one has ever even attempted to molest me in my entire life. After reading some of the blogs at "Band Back Together," I realize just how lucky I am that such has never happened to me.

     My father is a doctor and he has treated me on occasion, which involves slightly more body exposure in the presence of the opposite sex parent than is typical once someone is beyond infancy, but he's always incredibly respectful and even apologetic about having to stick a stethoscope slightly under the neckline of my shirt or having to give me an injection. I could be the very last female on the planet and I would still be 100% safe with my father. As difficult as it is to imagine, such is apparently not always the case.

    I read somewhere that a mother's boyfriend is statistically the single most likely perpetrator of sexual abuse in a girl's life. If my mother has ever had a boyfriend since she married my dad, I certainly know nothing about it. I seriously doubt such could be the case anyway because she barely has enough energy for my dad. The next most likely person is an uncle, follwed very closely by a stepfather. I have no stepfather, which you know if you've read many of my blogs, but I have a whole slew of uncles. While several of them are weirder than hell, to the best of my knowledge, not one of them has any sort of attraction to underage females, related or unrelated. My dad's brother Steve is my doctor, but we have a fairly normal uncle/niece relationship when he's not treating me. He's certainly never violated any boundaries either when practicing medicine or when not practicing medicine. My Pseudouncle Scott, who has been one of my guardians during parts of the past four summers, is also a doctor and has treated me on a few occasions. It's a bit more awkward with him because he's much closer in age to me than any of my uncles or my dad, but he's always sort of like, "Would you get over it, Alexis? I'm not getting any more out of this than you are." Furthermore, he hasn't exactly examined me invasively.

    This post may seem somewhat pointless, but basically it's a shout-out to all the adults in my life, including relatives, teachers, coaches, and medical professionals, who may bug the hell out of me at times, but if you have any particular sexual perversions, you keep them far away from me. Thank you!


  1. I think this must come under: "Counting my blessings", Alexis!

    You have gone through enough, I would have thought, in your young life.